The final deliverance.

Now that Project Angelic Corruption has been unveiled, things can really get interesting.

First, a bit on the third(and last) playable character in eXceed: Gun Bullet Children.

Sowel Devosiana volunteered for the Gun Bullet Children program to avenge the deaths of her parents who were killed by vampires.
Her calm demeanor and level-headedness in battle have earned her the position of the defacto leader of the Gun Bullet Children.

Sowel is the voice of reason that keeps the GBC together, otherwise Chinatsu and Miyabi’s bickering could easily tear the group apart.


Our script is coming along nicely, and more on it should be unveiled in the coming days.


The second runner.

Miyabi Housen. Don’t let her happy-go-lucky demeanor(or penchant for referring to herself in the third person) fool you. Any who cross her path are burned to ash.
Miyabi Housen is one of three playable characters.

Whom will you side with? The other options will be unveiled soon.