Shikigami no Shiro / Castle Shikigami – Open Beta!

Yep, you heard me right.

All the endings and story dialogue is done. The gallery and errata’s gonna take a little time.

So I want to share what we have done.

It’s time.

You need Shikigami no Shiro !!EX!! installed on your computer to run the patch.

(We in no way condone piracy, and you don’t want Alfa System out for our heads, do you?)

I have included everything you need beyond that.
Replace the appropriate files, and enjoy. (We’ll work out a proper patch installer before long.)

Of course, this is a beta, so this isn’t quite finished. We expect feedback(and/or hatemail).

Read the translation guide if you have questions, I spent like an hour of it.
(Read all of it, I think you’ll like what awaits at the end.)

Thanks for the support. We got big things coming down the pipeline.