When The Seagulls Cry: Golden Reverie Fan Translation

I know it seems like I’m a busy bee, but almost every project I’ve posted about here since Shikigami has been stuff I’ve helped out with.


This one is my next personal endeavor.


Golden Reverie, translated from Ougon Musou Kyoku, is a fighting game based on the universe of When The Seagulls Cry(Umineko no Naku Koro Ni).

This is an official follow-up to the visual novel, taking place after the events of Episode 4, canonized and sanctioned by 07th Expansion.

Of course, odds of it getting officially localized in any capacity, much like the VN, are just about non-existent.

So we’re translating it, and plan to release a patch to make all the game’s dialogue viewable in English.


Should I play the visual novel before this?
YES. The events and even backgrounds of Golden Reverie contain massive spoilers to Episodes 1-4 of the visual novel.

What about the expansions like Cross?
We’re doing the original first. Cross and its ilk may come later.
No sense getting in too deep just yet!

Will the Japanese voice overs be intact?
Yes. We have no intention of dubbing this, as it would be a massive project. Almost every line of dialogue is voiced from the cast who did the PS3 VN/anime voices, and they did a fine job.

What about spoken dialogue during matches?
As cool as having subtitles in-game for that would be, that would be a massive undertaking. Most likely, we’ll include translations for all the battle quips in a read-me, same goes for the opening song and such.

I love Umineko but I hate fighting games. Will finishing this be a nightmare?
The AI can be cheap as hell, fair warning. But there is an easy mode, so you should be fine.
It’s also very easy to exploit cheap combos and get story mode over with if that’s your preference.

How far along is the project?
Hacking is already going smoothly. The script is at 75%.

Can I help?
If you’re both:
A. An Umineko scholar
B. Fluent in Japanese
Then absolutely, PM me.

The Players

The one who defies magic, and will explain it all through reason. Locked in an endless battle with the great witch, Beatrice. It may be all useless, but you can still turn the chessboard around.

The one known as the Golden Witch. There’s only one known way to kill her.
Can you defy the strength of her magic through sheer force of will, or will you be another broken beneath her heel?

The younger sister of Battler, fighting to regain the family stolen from her by the Golden Witch. What awaits: a happy future, or one of endless despair?

An elegant butler in service of Beatrice, yet he also has great respect for Battler. Where do his loyalties lie?

A maid sworn to the service of the Ushiromiya Family. A master of spiritual defense, she will let no harm come to those she loves.

The youngest of the Ushiromiya servants, he is never far from Shannon, and any who try to harm her or those under his protection will find he is all too capable of enforcing it.

ImageA legendary witch, reputed to be Beatrice’s elder and instructor. Does she aspire to bring Beatrice back to her senses, or help the Golden Witch in her schemes?

ImageOne of the Ushiromiya Family, twisted by the promise of power with a penchant for unending cruelty.

ImageThe eldest of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory, executioners of Beatrice’s will(as well as her victims).


One of the Siesta Sisters, each of whom is easily a match for the combined might of the Seven Stakes. Yet, they serve not Beatrice, but the fearsome sorcerer known as Goldsmith.

English screens, testing:

ImageOther screens:


9 responses to “When The Seagulls Cry: Golden Reverie Fan Translation

  1. Great job on this, didn’t expect to see it happen. I should point out that the Umineko VNs have been sorta-localized: 07th Expansion has set up a site where Americans can purchase the unpatched novels, and Ryuukishi07 gave his official approval to Witch-Hunt’s translation. It’s $90 for both sets of chapters though!

  2. Minor quip, but hopefully you’re planning to use or hack in a fixed-width font for the final patch :/? The text looks awful and the apparent problems look like they’d be fixed by using a fixed-width font.

  3. A translation of OMK. I knew this would happen someday. :3
    I wish I could help, but whilst I am an “umineko scholar”, I cannot read Japanese.

    A quick hypothetical: I have OMK Cross installed, so if I wanted to use this patch, would I have to remove it and re-install the game without any of the update patches?

    Best of luck with the project!

    • Though this isn’t meant to translate Cross, we’re aware it exists, and we hope to at very least have the translation patch be compatible with Cross, and translate vanilla’s content.

  4. Finally, an OMK translation! I know you’re not currently planning on translating cross but then again, you’re busy with vanilla so hopefully cross can come at a later time. Good Luck and we’re eagerly awaiting the translation’s arrival.

  5. Oh, wow! This is so exciting, and seeing you’re wanting to do a compatibility patch will be amazing, I love OMK and it’ll be so great to have a patch! I’m not fluent in Japanese, so I know I can’t help, but your work is very much appreciated, thank you. 🙂

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