A Beginner’s Guide To Kanji Tables


Oh wait, wrong Kanji.


There we go!

Kanji tables are integral to fan translations. This is currently the obstacle for Shadowrun. In a nutshell, they’re image-format depictions of Japanese characters that have to be transcribed into text to make facilitate the process of replacing Japanese text with English text.

That’s the Kanji table for Shadowrun Scenario 2. There’s one for each scenario.

We’re hacking away at it, so stay tuned.

It includes some hiragana and katakana as well, but mostly kanji. Hiragana & katakana are simpler characters, often used to spell out kanji for ease of pronunciation or saying non-Japanese words, such as “Ku-Ri-Su’ for Chris(see: Steins;Gate).


(She prefers Christina, I’m told. It’s not that she likes it or anything, though.)

If you’d like to know more about kanji tables, read here.


If you’d like to know more about Kanji hitting people with tables, play Persona 4 Arena.



Shadowrun [Sega CD] Progress Update & Gameplay

Hey all. I’ve been getting a lot of contact about the Shadowrun project, which is awesome. Not sure if it’s the Shadowrun community or niche Sega CD/SRPG fans or both, but I’m not complaining.

Unfortunately, it’s proving to be a complicated task. The game uses some very intricate kanji tables, and though we have the first Scenario translated, implementing the script is gonna be a pain, chummer.

That said, I decided to get some screens up to and including the first few battles to tide you all over.

Our wayward posse of Runners decide to run around the city looking for clues, and they find a lot.

As well as a gang who need to have their faces smashed in.

And maybe, just maybe, the elusive Samurai Killer…

The gameplay as said, is SRPG format, and uses a fantastic dice-rolling mechanic to determine damage and defense, as well as chances of the attack hitting.

I had a blast playing it, and I hope you will too. Keep on runnin’.


If you’ve played Snatcher or Policenauts, the gameplay should feel very familiar. You talk to people, get ignored, talk some more, then bust some skulls and then they start talking. Expect a LOT of talking, this is a very wordy game. (This is a huge plus for me.)