Shadowrun [Sega CD] Progress Update & Gameplay

Hey all. I’ve been getting a lot of contact about the Shadowrun project, which is awesome. Not sure if it’s the Shadowrun community or niche Sega CD/SRPG fans or both, but I’m not complaining.

Unfortunately, it’s proving to be a complicated task. The game uses some very intricate kanji tables, and though we have the first Scenario translated, implementing the script is gonna be a pain, chummer.

That said, I decided to get some screens up to and including the first few battles to tide you all over.

Our wayward posse of Runners decide to run around the city looking for clues, and they find a lot.

As well as a gang who need to have their faces smashed in.

And maybe, just maybe, the elusive Samurai Killer…

The gameplay as said, is SRPG format, and uses a fantastic dice-rolling mechanic to determine damage and defense, as well as chances of the attack hitting.

I had a blast playing it, and I hope you will too. Keep on runnin’.


If you’ve played Snatcher or Policenauts, the gameplay should feel very familiar. You talk to people, get ignored, talk some more, then bust some skulls and then they start talking. Expect a LOT of talking, this is a very wordy game. (This is a huge plus for me.)


11 responses to “Shadowrun [Sega CD] Progress Update & Gameplay

  1. Nice! The visible dice rolling is especially cool, since Shadowrun is ALL ABOUT the six-siders! This kind of mechanical call-back to the tabletop game is something that was sorely lacking in the SNES and Genesis titles (and nearly all tabletop to CRPG conversions, really).

    I am curious about how there being more text is a good thing for you. Doesn’t it just mean more work?

  2. I would gladly have some update on the technical part if you are willing to share.
    If I remember correctly you said in one of the previous post you were 3 scenarios out of 5 translated. Did you made some progress?

    With the previously showed screenshot you seem to have an hold on the hacking for display the text, which is awesome. So is that part more easy to implement?

    And you know, what are you tought about the menu display which seems to be a problem.

    Now let me say I am very grateful. You know, as a fan of both sega cd game and shadowrun I don’t mind the waiting. But its cool to have insight on the work you guys are doing. Development and progress and all.. It makes me feel more invest about your work, give the cressendo to completion and at the same time support you (as much as a dude behind a keyboard can)..

    Don’t hesitate to feed us hope :).. Because I can’t wait to give this one a try.

  3. I believe the the screenshots that were shown back in December were not in-game. They were just Photoshop mock-ups to show what the script would look like in the game.

    I would also love to hear more about the technical aspects of how the projects is progressing and to know more about the team working on the translation. I know that EsperKnight has done hacking on other Iwakura Production projects but who is working on Shadowrun?

    You have no obligation tell us these details but just like CEB I’m curious about these things.

    Thanks again for the update and keep up the good work.

    • That’s correct. Well, not Photoshop, but yeah… once gameplay screens are done, it will absolutely be known. EsperKnight is working on Shadowrun as well. It wouldn’t be on this blog if he wasn’t. 😛

      • Cool! Out of all the video game fan translation projects I’m following I think EsperKnight is working on 80% of them.

  4. Hoi Chummer,

    I’m guessing if you recently had an influx of people asking you about the project, it’s the Shadowrun Universe Community. In fact some people already want to remake the game in Shadowrun Returns, which is kind of impossible if it’s not translated first. But eh, we can wait. =)

  5. Not to be a prick, but I think you should curb your enthusiasm a bit and announce a translation once significant progress has been made. Otherwise people start getting unreal and/or inaccurate expectations and you end up with something that’s akin to vaporware.

    • Everyone has their own methods. Some like to announce it when it’s done, some like to announce it and say nothing then quietly release it, I like to keep people posted along the way.

  6. Hoi, chummer

    I hope you enjoy SRReturns. It’s awesome, that you can bring the MegaCD Shadowrun to non-japenese speaking fans.

    3 out of 5 – that’s 60% – great!

    Shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever deal with a dragon 😉

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