When The Seagulls Cry: Golden Fantasia Alpha 1.0, accepting testers

The script for Golden Fantasia is currently 100% translated.


Editing is at, oh, 15% or so. I’m comfortable with taking on some testers if any 07th Expansion fans are interested.

Notes of helpfulness:

  • Be Umineko and/or Japanese savvy.
  • Identify line breaks and non-translated STORY text. The mid-stage dialogue exchanges are untranslated at the moment, it has yet to be incorporated.
  • Note any typos or misused character names (i.e. Battler talking to Beatrice and addressing her as Eva). We did the script raw without context, so this may happen on occasion.

You can message me here or email cjiwakurax@aol.com if you’re interested. Good hunting!