Golden Reverie: Battler & Beatrice, Stage 1

Walterion, one of our testers, was kind enough to record some in-progress videos of the alpha patch in action.

You can find more here as well:

(Ronove & Virgilia)

(Kanon & Shannon)

As an aside, editing is around 70% there.

4 responses to “Golden Reverie: Battler & Beatrice, Stage 1

  1. Could there be an alternative font choice? The letters being so thick and running together in places gets annoying in the screenshots I’ve seen. (The problem mostly is with the letter I and its contractions, but it still makes the font very obnoxious)

    Otherwise, I can’t wait to see the completed translation! Keep up the good work.

    • Absolutely. This is just the default font. Once everything is in place and edited to my liking, we’ll work on tweaking it. (Though as I’ve said I’m kind of fond of it…)

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