The end of an era: Ryutaro Nakamura – 1955-2013

It isn’t often I post about stuff not related to translation projects, but if it wasn’t for this man, my handle(and this group’s moniker) would not exist.


Serial Experiments Lain forever changed my opinion of anime, and its creator has sadly left us behind.


See you on the Other Side, Nakamura. You’ll always be Omnipresent.


On a lighter note(and somewhat relevant to our readers interests, I hope), Shadowrun Returns is now available, and is quite enjoyable so far.


See you in Seattle, chummers.


One response to “The end of an era: Ryutaro Nakamura – 1955-2013

  1. It’s horrible… Found out the news early on the 25th…

    As for Shadowrun, also started playing Returns shortly after. It’s been great so far. Glad to see somebody working on the Sega CD version, as well as the Umineko fighting game. Played that back when it came out for a bit and it was pretty fun :’D

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