Golden Reverie Fan Translation – 1.10 Patch (Updated)

Short and sweet update, we were informed of a major glitch in a scenario.


This fixes it, as well as other things.

If you downloaded 1.0:
Get this vscript file. (UPDATED, earlier one was incorrect.)

This fixes the Eva-Beatrice/Chiester 710 glitch, as well as updating the ‘Grandma’ Eva inaccuracy.
You can find the other files elsewhere in previous posts.

If you have yet to download the patch:

Here is 1.10:

This includes all above fixes, as well as the translated movelists.

I will be replacing the 1.0 patch upload shortly.
Enjoy, and as always, comment or email me if you find any issues.

Golden Reverie Movelist Upload

Warrants a new post since I overlooked it. Feedback has been largely positive, aside from an observation regarding the use of oba/obaa-san’s translation which will be addressed in the 1.10 patch.



Put those DDZ files in the Char folder. Overwrite what’s there. English movelists.


Back to testing…



When The Seagulls Cry: Golden Reverie – Fan Translation Release (1.10 – UPDATED)

UPDATES: Version 1.10

Vscript file, replace 1.0’s with this:

Movelist graphics, place in Char folder:

Version 1.0 Patch:

OP alone(hard subbed):

Patch files alone (without OP):

Alternate OP (Smaller Subs) – DOES NOT WORK in certain versions. Download with caution. (

For the love of Beato, READ THE READ ME!


Not bad for a year’s work!