Golden Reverie Movelist Upload

Warrants a new post since I overlooked it. Feedback has been largely positive, aside from an observation regarding the use of oba/obaa-san’s translation which will be addressed in the 1.10 patch.



Put those DDZ files in the Char folder. Overwrite what’s there. English movelists.


Back to testing…



7 responses to “Golden Reverie Movelist Upload

  1. Great work! Ive been playing with the translated base game for a while and now I can at least have a bit more fun with Cross ^^
    I hope you guys will continue your work with Cross (since there is actually no real competition, you’re kinda our only option to find out the plot behind the expansion) :O

    • I appreciate the support. Considering how blase the Umineko community was about our project while we were working on it, I was overjoyed to see people enjoy it upon release.

      And I’m very much looking forward to tackling Cross, but Shadowrun has been in the wings for far too long.

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