Golden Reverie Fan Translation – 1.10 Patch (Updated)

Short and sweet update, we were informed of a major glitch in a scenario.


This fixes it, as well as other things.

If you downloaded 1.0:
Get this vscript file. (UPDATED, earlier one was incorrect.)

This fixes the Eva-Beatrice/Chiester 710 glitch, as well as updating the ‘Grandma’ Eva inaccuracy.
You can find the other files elsewhere in previous posts.

If you have yet to download the patch:

Here is 1.10:

This includes all above fixes, as well as the translated movelists.

I will be replacing the 1.0 patch upload shortly.
Enjoy, and as always, comment or email me if you find any issues.


24 responses to “Golden Reverie Fan Translation – 1.10 Patch (Updated)

  1. Don’t know why but the new OP with smaller subs crashes the game the moment the game tries to play it right after the 7th Expansion logo cut-in. And it’s not cause I didn’t rename the file to how the original was.

    This happens regardless of using the the full 1.10 patch or the one that comes stand alone.

  2. Thank you so much for translating this. I love umineko, and now i can enjoy the story in kyoku. Now i just gotta wait for cross to get translated so i can enjoy playing with will 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. In the parenthesis is my suggestions/observations.


    Backgrounds – Easy / Standard (Simple / Standard)

    Shadows – Easy / Standard (Simple / Standard)

    Save Replay – No Effect / Select Each Time / Remember All (None / Manual / Auto)

    Offline Decay (Delay)


    “Grandma Eva” (still encountered using 1.10 .. can easily be tested on Ange/Eva arcade story mode)

    “Sir Kannon”? by Shannon to Kannon (implies Kannon is more superior/”older”/mature than Shannon when Shannon is the more “older sister/onee-san” type)

    “Sir Battler”? by Eva Beatrice to Battler (Eva’s use of “-kun” is more of demeaning/condescending, changing it to “Sir Battler” negates her intentions)

    “Madame Teacher”? (their use “predecessor/former” allows it to be some sort of recognition/respect but can also easily change to a subtle negative meaning which Umineko characters tend to do)

    • I still see Sir as being applicable in those cases, but that’s open to discussion. Did you see Grandma encountered in any other instances? I’m pretty sure I had caught them all, but I’ll certainly look into it.

      Config was very tough, since it’s a giant graphic sheet with very tight constraints, but I’ll definitely consider the updates.

      Appreciate the feedback.

      • Just a quick spell/grammar check:


        Kanon/Shannon near the story ending (after defeating Beatrice):

        Beato: “…so you’re overcome your test of me.” (“…so you’ve overcome my test.”)

        Beato/Lucifer near the story ending (before battle):

        Shannon: “…why don’t stop playing with these closed rooms mysteries?” (“…why don’t you stop playing with these closed room mysteries?”)

        Battler/Lucifer near the story ending (before battle):

        Lucifer: “Master Battler created this game, this epitaph for you, you know!? Why couldn’t you solve it faster than everybody else?!” (*Beatrice) (“Master Beatrice created this game, this epitaph for you, you know!? Why couldn’t you solve it faster than everybody else?!”)

  4. I can’t seem to download patch 1.10 for the game. (Not your translation patch, the actual 1.10 game patch)
    Every time I go to the official page and try all of the mirror downloads most of them won’t start, and those that do start only work up to a point and then crash. I seem to be the only one having this problem but I can’t find a mirror anywhere.

  5. maybe I’m looking in the wrong place but:
    where can I download the game?
    I know that you give the patch but………I’m having trouble finding the game as itself over the internet x-x

  6. I get through the opening and all but when I get to screen where it says, “Press any button” what exactly do I press?

  7. Thank you all for the translation, however, there is one issue. I can’t seem to find the original version of the game, so to update it to 1.10 so that I can translate it with your patch — as I can find the updater, but not the original itself. So I was hoping it was possible to also supply links to downloads for Golden Reverie and the V1.10 Update as well?

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