Iwakura Productions Fan Translation Panel @ Animate Miami Convention: Sunday, January 19th, 2013, 3-4PM

Update: Rescheduled to Sunday instead of Saturday.



Just got approved yesterday. Your truly will be hosting a panel to discuss fan translations, forthcoming projects, and the basics of how a project is undertaken. See you there, hopefully!



Another Suda 51 Trip: Flower, Sun, and Rain

Fortunately we don’t need to translate this one.

But thanks to Vermillion and yours truly, you can have a much better OP than the one in XSeed’s release.

fsrc fsr6

FSR is not a pretty game. But it is very unique, and I like unique.


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Here’s the entire Shin Megami Tensei IV OST.

So I loved SMTIV, of course. More on that another time.


It had a wonderful soundtrack, and Atlus has shown no signs of releasing it, unless you count that crappy ‘soundtrack’ that came with the game(I sure don’t).



So I gathered up all the rips from the internet, and you now have 90+ tracks of synthesized goodness.

Here’s some samples.
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