Here’s the entire Shin Megami Tensei IV OST.

So I loved SMTIV, of course. More on that another time.


It had a wonderful soundtrack, and Atlus has shown no signs of releasing it, unless you count that crappy ‘soundtrack’ that came with the game(I sure don’t).


So I gathered up all the rips from the internet, and you now have 90+ tracks of synthesized goodness.

Here’s some samples.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed compiling it.

Props to nemesismustdie for the original rips, as well as Ryota Kozuka for reminding us that Atlus is more than Shoji Meguro.



[*]Archangel Battle
[*]Ashura-kai Storefront
[*]Battle Results
[*]Blasted Shinjuku
[*]Blasted Tokyo Battle
[*]Blasted Tokyo
[*]Boss Battle
[*]Boss Battle 2
[*]Boss Introduction
[*]Camp Ichigaya
[*]Cathedral of Shadows App
[*]Cult of Gaea
[*]Demon Introduction
[*]Demon Introduction II
[*]DLC Battle
[*]DLC Menu (Arcade Street from SMT1)
[*]Gates of Paradiso
[*]Ginza – Members Only Club
[*]Hallucination I (SMT1)
[*]Hallucination II (SMTII)
[*]Hunter Association
[*]Hunter’s Tournament (Ginza SMTI Remix)
[*]Infernal Ichigaya
[*]Infernal Kasumigeki
[*]Infernal Shinjuku
[*]Infernal Tokyo
[*]Isabeau Battle
[*]Kabuki-cho Cafe
[*]Kagome Tower
[*]Kiccigiorgi Forest
[*]Lucifer Battle I
[*]Lucifer Battle II
[*]Lucifer’s Palace
[*]Masakados Battle
[*]Merkabah Battle I
[*]Merkabah Battle II
[*]Midboss Battle
[*]Mikado Battle
[*]Mikado Castle
[*]Monochrome Castle (Open Space)
[*]Overrunning Tokyo
[*]Passage of Ethics
[*]Pluto Castle
[*]Prelude I
[*]Prelude II
[*]Prelude III
[*]Quest Battle
[*]Quest Boss
[*]Quest Completed
[*]Quest (Demon Hunt)
[*]Quest (Item Hunt)
[*]Reverse Hills
[*]Roppongi Field
[*]SDDS IV (Main Theme)
[*]Shibuya Underground District
[*]Shibuya Underground Shelter
[*]Shibuya Map
[*]Streetpass (Arcade Street Remix)
[*]The Black Market
[*]The Order of Our Lord (Theme of Law)
[*]Theme of Chaos
[*]The White
[*]Tokyo Battle
[*]Tokyo Field
[*]Tokyo Station
[*]Tokyo Streets
[*]Tsukiju Hongwanji
[*]Ueno Central Underground
[*]Ueno Field
[*]VR Battle
[*]Yaesu Passage
[*]Yamato Perpetual Reactor

6 responses to “Here’s the entire Shin Megami Tensei IV OST.

  1. Thanks! The music in this game was mostly very good. I’ve written some stuff on SMT4, and I’d be interested to know what you thought of the game as a whole.

    I also got that “sound collection” along with the big deluxe boxset thing SMT4 came in. The only interesting track was the last one (the 12 minute long Jakyo Manor arrangement played on the church organ.) I loved that. The rest were boring or from different games entirely. I can’t complain too much about a free extra, but still, weird decision on Atlus’ part.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more on that cd. The end is epic. The rest is lackluster. I love organ music like that. Tensei IV the the first game in the series that I played and I loved it.

  2. Thanks, this is awesome! I really loved the music from this game. The main music I see missing from this list is the awesome ambient theme that plays in the Shinjuku Government Building area… any ideas where that could be found? 😀

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