Another Suda 51 Trip: Flower, Sun, and Rain

Fortunately we don’t need to translate this one.

But thanks to Vermillion and yours truly, you can have a much better OP than the one in XSeed’s release.

fsrc fsr6

FSR is not a pretty game. But it is very unique, and I like unique.


Sumio Mondo is a Searcher, a man who takes odd jobs to find lost things for people. He’s on vacation at the world-renown Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain, on the peaceful Lospass Island, where you can go to forget your past. Or so he thought.

Image Image

FSR involves walking. Lots of walking.

Also puzzle solving, and some great ambient music c/o GHM’s former maestro, Masafumi Takada.

It’s certainly a memorable trip.

Although the DS version lacks the PS2’s breathtaking opening, the rest is just as good. It’s also dirt cheap, so there’s that. Also, any of you who’ve been crazy enough to delve into The Silver Case may recognize a face or two… Image

Pay a visit, why don’t you? Edo McAlister never forgets the faces of his guests.



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