Post-mortem: Soul Sacrifice

Full disclosure: I was a little skeptical of what Keiji Inafune was capable of once he left* Capcom. (*Some might say ‘was freed from’ is more accurate.)



Soul Sacrifice didn’t seem like the type of game I’d associate with the whimsical guy responsible for Mega Man, Legends, and lovable scamps like Tron Bonne.

As a huge fan of Demon’s Souls, which I’d heard brought up in comparison to SS, I was obligated to try it at some point. The fact that I recently picked up a Vita and got the game for free via PS+ helped expedite the process.



Sadly, Soul Sacrifice has about as much in common with Demon’s Souls as Monster Hunter does with Wizardry.  There’s no dungeon crawling or exploration, or a sense of reward for delving into the unknown.

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