Shadowrun Update: less buggy, more talky

This update squashes a lot of bugs. Battles look normal, too!

There’s obvious glitches, but oh well.

Without further ado:









32 responses to “Shadowrun Update: less buggy, more talky

      • Well sure lol.

        I don’t know how I didn’t hear about your project before now. I’ve been looking for a translation since 2002 or so.

        I can’t speak for everyone, but I imagine all of the Shadowrun and Sega fans who have found your project are very grateful to you and your team. I know I am. Hell of a big job you took on.

      • … He seemed to think of himself as today's George Orwell, but Orwell's work is strikingly memorable and Hitchens's is strikingly un;taormble.&quotmQuiee true. Orwell has written several great books which will be long remembered. Hitchens will be soon forgotten.

    • We’re dabbling in it. Esper really wants it to happen, so there’s that. Here’s some numbers for our ongoing projects for you to consider:

      [Shadowrun] – Text: 40% / Game: 33%
      [Sakura Wars] – Text: 30% / Game: ~20%
      [Moonlight Syndrome] – Text: ~10%
      [The Silver Case] – hahahaha

      • Shadowrun is another project I’m greatly anticipating, I’m just surprised that Suda fans haven’t tried to tackle a fan translation of his older (and superior) works yet. I need my Suda fix, ya see and this new crap his company is coming out with just isn’t doing it, since he doesn’t direct games anymore.

  1. FYI, This post isn’t tagged with the Shadowrun tag/category/whatever that you can click on the right-side menu. Which means it doesn’t show up for anyone who has subscribed to that RSS feed. Like myself. Just pointing that out because I didn’t catch this update.

  2. Please finish this before I die. I’ve been waiting over 10 years for a translation.
    I probably should have just learned japanese in that time, but eh.

  3. What is the latest on this? Would a kickstarter help? I have the Mega CD game but would love
    to see an actual US release with the English patch. I bet you would get the KS funded.

  4. Any updates? I was just searching hoping something new had been posted, but nothing for a long time. Really crossing my fingers for this, I know it’s a very challenging project.

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