cj iwakura’s Games of the Year

I didn’t play a lot of new games this year. In fact I played very few. So this is just the best ‘games I played in 2015’ list. So before you go all ‘omg where’s Bloodborne'(no PS4) or ‘where’s Witcher 3′(don’t own it) or ‘where’s Undertale'(same) do bear that in mind.

That said:


Mine was easily Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Yes, I know about the cut content, the stories of production hell, etc etc. But at the end of the day, it’s an emotional & gripping plot which brings MGS full circle. I played Peace Walker to completion, so I know full well that Kazuhira Miller deserves a lot more respect than he gets, and V certainly brings his tale to an appropriate close as well.

While I think Kiefer Sutherland was an excellent Snake, Robin Atkin ‘downward FUCKING dog’ Downes is every bit his equal if not his superior, and deserves all the accolades.

I fully enjoyed my time with MGSV, and will happily play it again. If nothing else, any game that lets me catch a helicopter ride to the tune of Only Time Will Tell can’t be all bad.


The Last Express (PC)

I’ve never seen a game as visually striking as this, and doubt I ever will.

Crypt of the Necrodancer (PC)

Roguelike + rhythm game. Addictive, hardcore, and has a pretty great story to boot.

Her Story (PC)

I dare you to try and put this down once you get started. Good luck.

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters (PSV/PS3)

This is a weird fricking game. But it’s modern occult, very pretty, and spins a gripping tale. You could do worse.

Honorable Mentions:

Beyond: Two Souls (PS3), Hotline Miami 2 (PC), Brandish: The Dark Revenant(PSP), Cladun X2(PSP), Gone Home (PC),


Most Disappointing Game of the Year

(I won’t say worst because none of the games I played were bad.)

Corpse Party: Blood Drive (PSV)

I wanted to like this game. I REALLY did. It still has an interesting story, and some great characters… with a lot of junk. The game is janky, often not fun to play, and has a lot of stupid tropes that get in the way of an otherwise gripping tale. Pretend it ended with the original game. Sad, considering that Book of Shadows had an AMAZING cliffhanger, but BD does not provide a satisfying resolution at all.

That said,

this prick is my hero.

As an aside, the best film of the year?


You will never see another horror film like it again, because no one’s that clever.