iwakura.p’s state of the union

“When’s CCC?” “Where’s Sakura Wars?” “Give Shadowrun plz” “SILVER CASE WHEN!?”

And so on and so on. Just a few of the many questions I get on the regular, and understandably so.

To that end, here’s updates on each of the three projects that I’m actively leading, and one that I’m actively helping on, as well as others that I’d eventually plan to do but have not even come close to starting yet.

Fate/Extra CCC (PSP)


Translation Progress: ~10%

Team Members: Four(editor, two translators, programmer)

Script Size: Biblical (4000+ pages)

Difficulty: Fairly High (massive script, branching paths, unknown menu format)

Sakura Wars (PC)


Translation Progress: ~40%

Team Members: Three (editor, translator, programmer)

Script Size: Average  (300-400 pages)

Difficulty: High (due to very, very thin menu confines)

Shadowrun (Sega CD)


Translation Progress: ~20%

Team Members:  Variable (Editor, programmer, assorted freelance translators)

Script Size: Fairly Average (100-200 pages)

Difficulty: NIGHTMARISH (This is a very, very buggy game, and Sega CD hacking is fairly uncharted territory.)

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PSP)


(Not an iwakura.p project, I am assisting on this one.)

Team Members: Three (translator, editor, programmer

Translation Progress: 60%(majority of the script is translated, but it ALL needs to be edited)

Script Size: Fairly Large

Difficulty: Fair (it’s an Atlus project, always Luciferian to program, but we have a very skilled person on that job.)

Moonlight Syndrome (PS1)

Team Members: Three (Translator, editor, programmer)

Translation Progress: 30%

Script Size: Medium

Difficulty: Fair (mostly JUST text, but we haven’t delved into it yet.)

(Not officially underway.)

The Silver Case (PS1)



Hope this helps answer some of your questions. Hit me up on twitter if you have more(@cj_iwakura). And try to positive thinking.

42 responses to “iwakura.p’s state of the union

  1. Thanks for the update.

    Might want to consider giving periodical updates so that:

    1. People know you’re still alive

    2. To shut down some people who wants to know the updates.

      • I completely agree with you as far as hating snippets and teases. However, periodic posts just like this one are perfect. Lets us know what you’re working on, and that you’re still active/alive.

  2. Glad to see you positive, lets just hope, btw I saw something about Yu gi oh tag force special, you play also this awesome card game ?

      • Really? Its one of the best card games I ve played, but its a little hard sometimes.And its already translated (cards and gameplay at least) Good for practice.
        But I still think CCC and Sol trigger deserves more atention .)

  3. I’ve been waiting for CCC a long time, i’m glad to see someone is actively working on it. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  4. This Sakura Wars translation is the most important console game fan translation in history, I don’t care what anyone says. The SF3 translation was an incredible milestone, but SW was one of the most popular, defining games for the (Japanese) Saturn. I see these other projects you’re involved in and I frankly can’t understand why anyone would consider those to have nearly the same level of significance. Here’s hoping you know where your priorities should lie.

    • I’m well aware. I’ve been a fan of Sakura Wars since I imported it in the 90s. But we can only go so far as the translation completion allows, so until then, we work on other things too.

  5. CCC is on 10% huh, welp that gives me more time to play extra with other servants.

    Seriously though, for those who are b*tching about why its not yet released, please….SHUT UP and wait! You ain’t doing sh*t and you ain’t doing better. Its not like you are paying these guys. So sit down, relax and wait.

    Its not like they are gonna abandon the project as soon as it hits near completion. Right? RIGHT?

  6. Shadowrun’s at 20%, huh? Didn’t you start back in 2012?

    Right now, I bet you were thinking I was goin’ to say somethin’ like ‘why is it taking so long? D:<', eh, chummer? Not at all. Given the fact that I've never even heard of anyone pulling Mega CDs apart, let alone somethin' of such a weird and funky degree as the layout and design as Shadowrun, plus the fact that it's wordy as sin (which is its selling point!) I'm actually really impressed you got 20% done in just around four years.

    Good job, really, I mean that. I look forward to when you complete the translation, whenever that might end up being.

      • Think nothin’ of it – consider that it took Mirror Moon, what two years to fully translate the entirety of Fate/Stay Night, a game that was released on the PC, with a far more reasonable and open engine for accessing and altering text data? Yeah, you’re moving at a pretty solid pace, I’d say. Best of luck to ya!

  7. I just found out about your CCC project, and I just wanted to deeply thank you. Seriously, it is rare that you find a translation group that actually gives a damn about their projects being sources of e-fame.

    You guys have my respect, and admiration. If I knew a lick of japanese, i’d help, but sadly all I think I can do is cheer from a distance.

  8. Have you considered launching a Patreon to support your projects? I’m sure a lot of us would want to feel like we’re contributing!

  9. If you need another editor for persona 2 EP i’d be happy to lend my grammar nazi tendencies. Huge fan of persona especially IS and EP. I could making it flow better or other things.

    • I’ve consulted with Scorp, the hacker, and he feels it’s best for our team to keep it down to myself as the editor for consistency. I will be sure to keep your offers in mind when testing comes around, though.

  10. Hey Iwakura, if you need translators, there’s always the Beast Lair community. If there are some of the moonruners that actually have time to spare to dedicate it to your project, I wouldn’t know personally since I don’t pry into their personal lives much. It’s worth a shot though.

    • I appreciate the sentiment, but I tend not to like to use translators who don’t have personal stake or interest in the project, which is why I favor having volunteers over recruiting from outside sources.

  11. Thank you so, so, so much for translating CCC. I can’t even imagine the massive amount of work you guys are doing.

    On a side note, have you thought about making your translation project more known? Maybe there are more translators willing to volunteer, they just don’t know that there is this project (I, for once, did not know about it until today). It’s a long shot, but maybe you can try making a post in the sites/forums most known for fantranslating videogames, telling that volunteers are welcome since the amount of work is massive.
    (The only ones I know are the Beast Lair and Aarinfantasy. Although Aarin is more focused towards BL games, I’m pretty sure you could find some other people willing to help. Fate is a very loved series, with a very dedicated fandom.)

    Wish you all best of luck, and thanks again for the work you’re doing for us all.

    • Kind of amazes me that some people still don’t know, I post about it at all the usual haunts, not to mention the blow up on twitter. 😛 I’m happy with the level of awareness it has now. The project is quite a ways away, and I don’t want to get people’s hopes too high.

      That said, if any translators find out and volunteer, sweet, but I don’t feel like hunting any down unless they’re passionate enough to offer their assistance. Otherwise there’s no guarantee they’re willing to stay the course.

      And thanks for the support!

  12. Every single one of these projects look so cool and look like games I’d like to play in the future. Just found out about all of these projects and hope you’ll be able to succeed in getting all of these projects to completion to a high standard 🙂

    You are all doing great work here, so keep it up! ^^

  13. I guess nothing new about Fate/extra CCC ? It still has 10%, I had a backup plan for Sol trigger but , the game pretty much hates women, so I am not so hyped anymore

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  15. I have a small question. Literally a few minutes ago I remembered that there was a Persona 2 Eternal Punishment translation patch on the works by TRADUKO Soft, so I went to check. Turns out, they decided to switch to supporting the patch while a different team did it; and then I saw this.

    I actually forgot about the patch some time ago since life wanted me to due to being busy, and seeing as this post is… a bit old, not so much but still, I would like to ask: When do you estimate the P2 EP patch to be complete and ready to be released to the public?

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