So much for Golden Reverie: Cross…

MangaGamer beat us to the punch. Ah well.


ctu2e0yw8aak-wnI have absolutely no clue when they’re releasing it, but it is a thing! Sincerely glad to see it, just a little disappointed we were never approached. Ah well. Those who hated our localization should be happy, because I guarantee they’re doing their own thing.

If they’re not, well… I don’t have any attorney, sucks to be me I guess!

But really, looking forward to it. No idea when we would’ve gotten to it, anyway.


We’ll always have the vanilla version, right?

5 responses to “So much for Golden Reverie: Cross…

    • Haha, I *knew* someone was going to ask that in this comment thread (it’s why I even checked this comment thread to begin with)! Don’t bother him about it too much though — as he said, a major update will mean he’ll post about it.

      When it comes to fan translation projects, a good rule of thumb is to check on it once a year — you’ll probably see at least one progress report in that time.

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