Post-Mortem: Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse




I love SMT, a lot. I’ve played, *deep breath*, I, II, III, Raidou 1 &2, Devil Summoner, Soul Hackers, DemiKids Red & Black, Imagine(far more than anyone should and than I dare admit), Strange Journey, you get the idea.

So of course I hit the ground running when Apocalypse came out.

Where does it stand in the pantheon, though?


Apocalypse has great IDEAS. The theme of a Polytheist alliance banding together to tell Lucifer and YHVH to go kick rocks? Brilliant.

The execution, not so much. The protagonist was deliberately given a younger appearance to lure in… you guessed it, the casuals. In addition, the theme of the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP permeates the entire game. You keep expecting a Social Link… Go? prompt to appear halfway through the game, it’s that blatant.

I’ll give Atlus credit, though. IV:A doesn’t rest on that theme too heavily. Some nasty, nasty things go down in this game. People die in horrifying ways. Tokyo is a twisted place.

Merkabah is a DICK. But it just gives the whole experience constant tonality shifts. Someone dies brutally, but your best friend is totally there with you! Your friends are with you, but Merkabah slaughtered every hunter in range of him with one swing of his Hama-wielding hand.

You get the idea.

Oh, and the DLC…


Let’s not go there. Apocalypse is a great game, and unlike its predecessor, rarely loses its fangs. It just every so often, sadly, reminds us of what could have and should have been had it committed to the full nine of a proper warring gods SMT experience.

Bears noting: the music is as good as ever. This is now my ringtone.

It may remain as such for months to come.

3 responses to “Post-Mortem: Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

  1. I love Persona because I’m sort of a casual weeb. I’ve been keeping tabs on P2IS Enlgish translationn since the project was owned by the other group, and honestly, these three months without a post are making me nervous. Please don’t die ):

    • Recently, the mod took down the Blazblue protest post (much to my dismay), so at least we have a sign of life. I agree that a progress report would be nice as well. I am eagerly awaiting Eternal Punishment too. It was such crap that Atlus took the cheap way out on it. I bought the PS1 classic so I could legally own the rom for the translation, but I haven’t given Atlus a red cent since. Completely unacceptable.

      • The moment I saw EP for the PSP announce I was very hyped. I remember it was announced as a bonus in the Devil Summoner port for the 3DS. I even have the sound track editions for P1 PSP and IS PSP. I was flipping cause I’d be owning the three games with sound track!! Except Atlus pulled a dick move.

        Also, mod took it down the protest post cause CF is having dub as DLC.

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