65 responses to “Seeing is believing, isn’t it, Zach?

  1. after years of posting other unrelated garbage it feels nice to see something like this, still wont get my hopes up tho’.

  2. I LOVE the team so much!
    I have been waiting the trasnlation since I heard of it since Fate is one of my favorite. Please,whatever you do dont drop it, ¡Keep it up! If you need and I could help you just have to ask.
    Thanks for the early Christmas gift

  3. I am so happy this is happening it’s a joy to see no matter how long the wait is but may I ask what it’s releasing on is this something i could download on my psp? psvita? Steam? Where would I be able to get it when it’s finished?

  4. just as a little tip, even if you havent gotten much farther, giving updates on your progression once every month is good custom to show the users that you are still alive, thanks for your work so far

  5. Progress looks like it’s coming along smoothly! Thanks for putting in all the time and effort into making enjoying the game possible for us Fate fans.

  6. Wow guys, thanks for all, but can you please inform progress more frequently :(, i always see your page if there are any news about the progress, and i am from the people, that are dead inside waiting for this game xD, regards from Chile (sorry for my bad english)

  7. Alot of people are getting pretty impatient about this… Well, I don’t really care. As long as I know it’s coming I can have the patience of a Buddha!

  8. Well, it’s a big project, so it’s normal that the main focus is the game. Still, it would be good to hear something about how it’s going. Anyways, I think we can be relieved. If the project was dead, or was going to die, there would be an update about it.

  9. Soo…. is this canceled? I hope to god that it’s not, but there’s been nothing new in six months, not a peep from y’all about it. ;;

  10. I hope this gets finished…
    Im playing the first game and i just discovered this sequel… I need this in my life please.
    Don’t give up be patient do your best at it and keep up the good work! 😀

  11. Man I wish we had some updates already, come on, it doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, just tease us with something! We’re not asking for ETA, % progress is fine!

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