Sakura Wars Saturn translation joins the troupe! (and an EP update)

As you may have heard, another team began their own translation project for Sakura Wars… only the Saturn version.

I thought it seemed silly to make them do double work when we had so much done, so we decided to join forces, Japan and Paris Troupe style.


This is the result.




The Saturn version is light years ahead of the PC one(re: actually playable), so it’s moving along very well, but we have no intention of giving up on the PC version, it’s just gonna take a bit longer.

And as the deluge of comments and tweets imply, no, CCC is not cancelled, it’s on the backburner so projects like this and Eternal Punishment(which are WORLDS easier) can see completion.

Which, as you can see, is also seeing forward momentum.




33 responses to “Sakura Wars Saturn translation joins the troupe! (and an EP update)

    • Alfavit, it’s not easy to convert every Japanese sentence even if we influence in Japanese because of lack of space and many other coding issue. I used to hack and translated psp game before, so I know their pain.

  1. Thank god, this forum is not dead.
    Although there aren’t any updates regarding CCC, I’ll still patently wait for it’s release (and of course for P2EP PSP as well :3)

  2. Ignore these mongrels in the comments. Both Sakura Wars and CCC are at the top of my most anticipated fan translations. EP is one of my favorite games so I am looking forward to that as well. Keep on keepin’ on.

  3. I found this site after searching for English version of Sakura Wars. I’ve been a fan of the series since I watched the anime and played So Long My Love years ago and also a fan of Fujishima Kousuke’s design. Do you guys have an ETA or timeframe for when the project will be done?

  4. As much as I’m looking forward to CCC, I think I’m looking forward to EP even more. Thanks for your hard work, as always.

  5. Though there’s no real update for CCC, its nice to hear that its at least still happening. Keep up the good work!

  6. at least we know you’re still working on CCC translation,

    unlike Madoka Magica Portable 100% translation, that got no update about it since 2018

  7. Good to see progress on Eternal Punishment. Too bad it will probably take some more years to finish CCC…

  8. Hello, I just want to ask (in a yes/no fashion answer) if EP proyect is dead again. I ask this, since there have been no updates in 7 months (that vid is from october). I don’t mind if it’s in the backburner, as you say, so you give priority to Sakura Wars (another translation I’m really hyped for) — or even any other translation. I think any kind of update, even if it’s “yes it’s dead” or “no, it’s being worked on” would be good. I hope I don’t bother you with this kind of reply. Thanks for your time

  9. I think the real question is whether it’s really okay to take on so many big projects that some of them have to go on the backburner for years until other big projects get done. Fate/Extra CCC, in particular, probably would have been picked up by a group that could focus on it by now otherwise, especially with the mobile game increasing interest in it so much during the last few years.

    • You make it sound like theres an abundance of Translations groups that would jump onto CCC the second, Iwakura drops it. If theres a group that would’ve done it or would wanted to do it, they probably eitherwoudl’ve asked at this point, or tried joining a collaboration with iwakura. Hence, nobody tried that. You should be glad its at least (probably) going to get translated in a few years.

      • This actually happened with another game called Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. One translator sat on the game for like five years and nobody else would touch it out of respect for him. The MOMENT he dropped the game, an entire mass of people who translate other Fate materials got together and did it themselves. And there definitely are people interested in doing it, given that people have been subtitling the cutscenes (even the ones that weren’t translated forever ago). If Iwakura were to official drop CCC, I have no doubt that it would be fully translated and playable within a year.

    • Thankfully, we’re not ‘sitting’ on anything, it’s being slowly but steadily pecked at in the background, it’s just a massive project, so we have nothing major to reveal yet.

      And I highly doubt anyone who took over would have an easy time of it, it’s a massive project, and not just a static VN.

      • “not just a static VN.”

        Downplaying the effort translating that beast of VN? Really? I could never begin to say which one is more difficult, but that’s 50 hours of nothing but text the entire time – and the original FSN was 70 to 80 hours.

        CCC is 25 to 30 hours – albeit with alternate servants, but there are also large portions of combat and gameplay that don’t involve so much dialogue.

        Even if we’re generous and say the work involved is similar, the biggest difference I see if that the Fate VN translation projects didn’t take 10 years to complete – and that’s what I pessimistically predict for CCC (if it gets finished at all)

  10. If only the community could help with more than one thank you these translations would already been completed, one or two people should not carry such a burden… I have been looking forward to introducing myself to the Persona saga once having the patch for EP but I guess I’ll have to stick to PS version sooner or later… If only I could do something to help…

    • You know what? the game is good enough for a second Playtrough, so … I hope at some point to be able to play Tatsuya’s scenario 😉

  11. Isn’t it bad business to keep pushing aside something highly awaited for years?

    I don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth but you seem to be the *only* one translating CCC and yet it doesn’t even seem like a priority.

  12. Hello, I try register on site other team to ask for help and their editing tools.
    Can you help me with it? I interested in translating Dreamcast version of this game to my language, but don’t know how edit .SPR images and scripts

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