Shin Sakura Wars: Demo Translation Guide!

ShinSakuraWars Guide


Yes, the full game is out in Japan, but the demo is free, and easier for everyone to get.

Eien1no1Yami was kind enough to translate it and crazy enough to ask me to edit it, so here you go.

This only covers the drama section, so if you want help in the action part(unlikely), sadly, you’re on your own.

Good hunting!

6 responses to “Shin Sakura Wars: Demo Translation Guide!

    • I wanna believe in them when they say its not dead, but its been over a year since EP had an update, CJ said on twotter that his programmer for EP had been busy with personal matters, im gonna assume work will pick up soon, still tho for a game teased for release in 2017 im not very convinced they particularly care about it or fate, I will believe it when I see another update, till then I dont think they’re for real

    • I’m sure this comment just fills them with motivation to work on it.

      Seriously though, I get where you’re coming from (goddamn do I want to play CCC) being rude to them’s not helping any.

    • I don’t think it’s rude.
      This is when the impatience of the fandom starts clashing with translation group who will grow more indignant as more people get on their ass to do something.

      Is it deserved? Well, imo it is the natural result of being public about your work. If iwakura productions was entitled to praise and thanks from a grateful fandom for taking up a project, then they are entitled to being shit over for not following through.

      I don’t think it’s rude to expect someone to do their job when they’ve committed to something. It’s no different than when you agree to build something for neighbor or a friend; If you AGREED to, and then delay for ages with little explanation and little done, then you are being the rude one.

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