Fate/Extra CCC: Gameplay Preview! And more fan service.

I’ll let Itsumo take it from here.


April Update

Hey there, it’s ItsumoKnight again. Now that we’re very, VERY far away from April Fools’ we can do that update. If there’s ever one thing I did right by you all, it’s my absolute insistence that we “never ever crack a CCC team joke”. Ever. Some jokes are good-bad and some jokes are BAD-bad. I feel very strongly about that.

Before we begin, thank y’all for the kindness of your hearts. Seriously, thanks.

In regards to updates, it’ll probably be mostly iwakura.p as per usual but I’ll pop in whenever I feel the need to exposit.

Now, as I recall, you wanted a shiny. So here’s a shiny.






Now let’s go over what we got here.

The first chronological thing that you saw the versus text. Ye, we did it.



For the folks who don’t know what this is because they, oh, never played JP Extra (and why would you, I sure wouldn’t have if I didn’t have to for this): “Type-Moon loves dat engrish. Go figure.” When Aksys did their localization, I’ll admit they did…a few neat things. One of which was localizing the Arena battle texture. And it IS a texture, cuz it sure would’ve been convenient otherwise. Sooooo we had a couple of our hard-working team members typeset this out for us. I don’t know about you but from what I’ve seen, font hunting is not fun. They did great. It’s so shiny.

For comparison, in Extra:



(For the record, the line “Flame dancing, Earth splitting, Ocean withering” is in the Extra script. I’m mad at Aksys because they didn’t quote it verbatim when it came up even though they did the dang texture, meaning they just missed the ref. It’s one of those flashbacks with the ruined city. See if you can’t find it.)

Now the >>>actual<<< first thing you saw were the subs. Oh boy, we put in subs!



So apparently we already said we were doing softsubs. Who said that? WHO DA F%*& SAID THAT!?!? Well, fine. You get confirmation from the rest of us.

It sure is pretty isn’t it. Now that I look at it as I’m typing this, we did put the “h” in Rin’s name. It just didn’t feel right without it. And for the sake of authenticity, we kept the name order the same too. Totally not because it’s a pain to rearrange or anything. Right. Speaking of, we’ll be sticking with “Meltlilith”. I think it’s cooler and it’s not our friggin responsibility if TM’s own documents had the wrong dang spelling for years on end.

Now about Skills.



For CCC we switched around the text and furigana.It just feeeeeeels better when you pick the option that says [Rho Aias] or [Caladbolg II] instead of ‘7 Rings’ or ‘Helix whatever’. Currently we’re keeping the Skill descriptions and names as they are Extra (unless of course they’re plain wrong). I suppose it’s us wanting to keep continuity with Extra. So if there’re any skill quirks, better figure ‘em out yourself.

Did you think we were done? Surprise! Extra’s never over!!!


Extra subs, baby! Now if you ever wondered what the heck they were saying in the middle of story fights and wanted to know, you totally can! You just have to beat the game again. Thrice. >_>

It’ll be out sometime. Until then, writhe.

As a bonus, here’s Shiki using her Noble Phantasm.


Chances are the battle goes either “She’s dead” or “You’re dead” so the fight almost never gets this far. As you can see on the top-left, I literally had to cheat to drag the battle out until she seals all 4 of your options. Witness her dissing you in all her glory.

Welp, that’s all folks! IzamleKnizzle shining out.


Short version: Look at dat polish. Is so shiny. Extra patch laterz.


40 responses to “Fate/Extra CCC: Gameplay Preview! And more fan service.

  1. super fucking cool guys, seriously. it’s great to see some extra effort put in to make otherwise unviewable things viewable.

    maybe this isn’t a question that can be answered just yet, but will the battle subs patch for fate/extra be compatible with that fate/extra readability mod from back in february 2018?

  2. “Speaking of, we’ll be sticking with “Meltlilith”. I think it’s cooler and it’s not our friggin responsibility if TM’s own documents had the wrong dang spelling for years on end.”

    That’s disappointing. You know what is actually cool? Properly conveying the flower backgrounds and keeping consistency in the Sakura Five names. Her name is Meltryllis, from Amaryllis. TM being bad at Engrish should not be a reason to keep an objectively wrong name.

    • I second this sentiment.

      “Meltlilith” strips the name of its intended meaning/theming, and the fact this decision is being posed purely in terms of “it sounds cooler” honestly raises concerns about the validity of other portions of the translation (regardless of how impressive this patch is looking from a technical standpoint).

      It would be one thing if there was still a sizable portion of the fanbase that was defending “Meltlilith” as a translation, but it’s been the better part of a year since I last saw someone insist on using it.

      • i didn’t really think about it but yeah i guess it is pretty important to keep the actual translation instead of going with what “sounds cooler” hopefully they’ll at least consider why it’s important to go with the intended name. kind of reminds me of something like fire emblem if’s translation team choosing to rename people for very arbitrary reasons and even changing personalities and dialogue outright

    • Yep. The decision is objectively wrong, but Fate translators are always like this. It’s like how ‘Mashu’ stuck for Mash, even though it’s one of the most weeby things I’ve ever seen. It’s like being stubborn and calling Guts from Berserk ‘Gatsu’.

    • The justification of “Meltlilith” being wrong for years is not an excuse not to correct it. The team bothered to correct the game’s Engrish text and add an H to Tohsaka’s name. TYPE-MOON acknowledged that they fucked up with Meltryllis’s name and corrected it with future merchandise. Unlike “Altria”, which only works from a meta-perspective, but not from an in-universe perspective, “Meltrylllis” has obviously more reasons to bethe correct romanization because of the prevelant floral theme naming of the Sakura Five, as you’ve mentioned. Heck, in FGO, amaryllis are the flowers depicted on her Bond Craft Essence artwork.

      I think the translator team has a responsibility to provide an accurate translation. People used “Meltlilith” because the game developers were responsible for the mistake and since then it stuck for years. But recently, more and more people have acknowledged the correct spelling and use it more and bring awareness to it. The English localization of FGO helps in that regard.

      Nasu is responsible for the “Altria” fuck-up because of his subjectivity on her name, but XSeedGames took the responsibility to provide us the correct spelling again because it was the right thing to do so, whereas DW’s NA branch was forced to use “Altria” because of their contract. Objectively we all know why “Artoria” has to be the correct spelling.

      Objectively, “Meltryllis” is the correct one because of the floral theme naming the Sakura Five have. I really hope the translator team re-consider that subject.

  3. Amazing. Thanks for the updates, guys. I played CCC last year (Saber) with the help of Hook Any Text and Rikaikun. I loved it so much, can’t wait for other people to be able to experience it too, and I’m definitely gonna play it again when the patch comes out.

  4. Nice to see a proper update, I knew the project wasn’t dead! Not a lot to say except good work, and be sure not to push yourselves too hard! The final result is eagerly anticipated, rest assured that the hype is still there!

  5. I’ll be honest here: …I had long given up hope for a CCC translation to be finished here anytime soon. Maybe in 2025 or 2030, but before that? I figured the chance of it happening would be much less than an SSR rate in FGO.

    Sorry for losing my faith there, but the last time I read an update here (April 2019), Sakura Wars translation is your pride and joy, with great improvements shown in screenshots. Anything related to CCC translation is pretty much just a footnote, with little to nothing to show.

    A few months of no further news, I stopped following the blog. I figured even if there was an update, it’ll be Sakura Wars again. I had nothing against Sakura Wars (I only played the PS2 version, but I love it), but I guess I feel jealous? Haha.

    But since you’re the only team to even considering translating CCC (as far as I know), I can just wait and hope. …Scratch that, maybe I was just waiting for the inevitable: that you would drop CCC, and focus solely on Sakura Wars.

    I’m glad that not only you didn’t drop the project, but made great improvements on it. Sorry for being unfaithful, as someone who can’t translate jack sh*t, I had no say in anything. Even if you finish the project in 2022 or longer (we totally understand), I will keep cheering on again just like before.

    Stay safe and healthy in these trying times. Good luck.

  6. Holy Shit, this is so awesome! Thank you guys for going the “extra” mile in this translation, and don’t worry about Meltlillith, always prefered it anyway.

  7. Nice this is a great update. Don’t really care about which version of Melts name you are going with. That patch for the original Extra you are working on was really neat though. Will you be including all the corrections and stuff from the Readability patch too?

    • oops i deadass commented the same thing with different account sorry. anyways thanks for the translation team!

  8. Thank you for all your hard work! I can’t wait to be able to fully experience this part of Fate franchise, and it’s thanks to awesome people like you.

    Roughly, what’s the percentage of completion? Just to have a very rough idea of the situation.

    And a lot of kudos for translating in-battle dialogues, many official works and translation don’t have them. Extella sure doesn’t, I don’t know what character say most of the time when I use a skill, and the few I understand it’s because they are the same as in Grand Order, and they have the translation on the wiki.
    Just to say that your work is way better than most official ones u.u

  9. First of all thanks for your hard work, I will be cheering for you.

    I just wanna know how much percentage is done cause I don’t wanna see it becoming a tsukihime remake meme.

  10. I absolutely love the fate/extra series, and i’m so excited to see more progress on this translation! I’ve been following since you guys put out the translation for extra, and i’m making an account just to say how much I love what you are doing for everyone! If you want donations or anything, post links and i’ll simp whatever need be to get this project DONE!

  11. Guys! Thank you for this and the extra efforts you doing for this project, I given up hope for the translation of CCC and then I learned that you are still doing the project and it is like you are all the ray of light within the darkness. Keep it up! Stay safe and healthy! I will wait no matter how long as long as it will be completed, I am good with it!

  12. Guys! Thank you for this and the extra efforts you doing for this project, I given up hope for the translation of CCC and then I learned that you are still doing the project and it is like you are all the ray of light within the darkness. Keep it up! Stay safe and healthy! I will wait no matter how long as long as it will be completed, I am good with it!

  13. Nice work, but I would definitely prefer if the name “Meltryllis” was used instead of “Meltlilith” because that is the official english one.

  14. Any chance you guys have an RSS feed for this blog/could make one?
    I feel like I always hear news about the project super late 😦
    You’re doing god’s work btw

  15. The Shiki fight in extra for me went on for more than 100 turns. Archer-class was a bad idea for this fight. The third run on the Caster three-shot build was painful to do but, not having to do the one-shot blocking with Archer.

  16. There actually is an error in Extra’s skill descriptions. Tamamo’s poison skill only works if she’s below a health threshold. It was translated as above and it was never fixed.

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