Fate/Extra CCC Translation Reaches 100%!!!

Aria here, and you read that right! Mere days after finishing my 2nd playthrough and finishing the voice lines and in-dungeon lines, JS dropped the rest of the CCC main script translations in one fell swoop!

We’ve updated the checkmark on the progress website, but we haven’t finalized a way to track the editing phase yet. Please give us some time to find out how to best present this next leg of work, and we’ll let you know when we have something!

For now though…

Though before rest, we’ve got one important question you can answer in the comments:

107 responses to “Fate/Extra CCC Translation Reaches 100%!!!

  1. You guys rock! I just finished my 1st playthrough in Fate/Extra a few days ago, really enjoyed this story, dialogs, events, music, plot, gestalt & adventure! Can’t wait to play CCC too!

  2. Wow…..you guys really did it! It’s been a long journey with you guys and i was among the earliest that closely follow you guys and it finally done! Im shedding tears right now … regarding about Saber Nero questions i didn’t interested in any of em, Leo look like a shota, Julius is edgy, Gatou is a religious weirdo and Shinji just no….im sexually attracted to Gawain and Gil tho

  3. Great job guys it must have taken a lot of work. Also thanks for perfect patch for original game i just finished it again with it and it worked great.

    • I hope not.

      Considering that Nu-Sony gave them a firm “No!” for any PS4 version of Fate/Extra CCC because it doesn’t fit to their “Japanese ecchi stuff is wrong! standards.

    • Why would they suddenly care now when there’s been fan translations of their works for years, this isn’t even on a Nintendo platform so no idea why you’re letting them live rent free in your head here.

  4. Thank you so much and Congratulations for finishing the CCC translation 🎉
    Words are not enough to express the gratefulness for translating this game! 😭

    Also to answer the question…
    Obviously Julius because he is like Shadow the Hedgehog 😂

  5. im beyond excited for the progress!!!! i cant believe its finally translated. thanks a lot

    i am attracted to none but archer, ciao

  6. To be honest, I’m not familiar with any of those in the poll so I’m not attracted to any of them. Not as a civilian nor as a Master. However those I am quite familiar with are Nero, Tamamo, Jeanne, Elizabeth, and Artoria. Those characters are also my Top 5 I am most attracted to, In that order.

  7. I am not familiar with the characters in the poll, so I am not attracted to them as neither civilian nor as a Master. However, I am quite familiar with Nero, Tamamo, Jeanne, Elizabeth, and Artoria. I also find them the most attractive in that order.

  8. Been following this for ages, and been dying to get my hands on CCC since im a huge Meltryllis fan.

    Funnily enough just finished playing the original extra with your perfect patch last night (this morning? it was 7am lol)

    Huge congratz on finishing the translation !!! you guys rock <4

  9. I just finished Fate/Extra, and found this translation while searching for a prequel, let’s hope this doesn’t take months to release

    Sorry if my english is bad, its not my first language

  10. Bruh, what the fuck is wrong with Death gun? He keeps posting weird faces in the comment section every few days

  11. Thank you for the patch in fate extra ccc we really appreciate the efforts and the other staff to made an English patch…

    If you have some new project can make a English patch of Akihabara Trip in ppsspp I hope you make it and do in the future ..

  12. Congratulations! Thank you so much!

    As for the poll… it has to be Leo. I don’t make the rules, that’s just how it works. Handsome, cute, a dork, and surprisingly sincere!

  13. Hello.
    Sorry for this,but my crush goes on Nero,Tamamo and Rin.

    Can’t wait to play this game,finished Extra with Tamamo.

  14. “soon your filthy hands will be able to play this gem” I remember a comment like that by Gilgamesh on the last update. But why does it seem like “soon” means almost a year? Not that I’m not grateful for what you guys are doing, but it seems to be taking quite a lot of months?

  15. Guys you shouldn’t except it to come any time soon. Editing is the longest phase when translating a game. Normally you’re supposed to edit the game at the same time but it seems that the translators and the editors worked separately. Not that I blame them for it since they’re still willing to translate this gem. So you shouldn’t check it before June of next year.

    • If editing is longer than translations, then expect it never. Or around 10 more years because it almost took that long to just finish the translation. Basically hope should rest in another translation team picking it up instead.

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