The unappreciated depth and secrets of Night Trap

Probably the most infamous FMV game ever made, Night Trap is part of the reason the video game rating system as we know it exists. Infamously used as part of Nintendo’s arsenal during the Senate hearings on violence in video games, Night Trap was falsely presented as a game where the player kills hapless girls by luring them to their doom.

It’s also commonly reviled as an awful game, a waste of the Sega CD, and often cited as one o the main examples why FMV games are the worst.

While there’s no secret that Digital Pictures churned out FMV games like candy, in many ways, Night Trap is probably their most replayable title, and has a lot of content that most players will miss… if you know where to look.

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Night Trap – The Kickstarter Support Livestream

As some of you may or may not know, I loooove Digital Pictures’ Night Trap.

I’ve been playing it since it was originally released on the Sega CD. I loved campy films, and interactive games, so FMV was instant joy for me back then.

I’ve replayed it many, many times, and adore the multiple permutations of events throughout the game, as well as the hilariously inept Auger-vampire assailants.

(The Stair Trap, AAAAAAAH)

Also kind of generated some infamy thanks to this innocuous scene:

But I digress. The team from Digital Pictures, including Tom Zito and Night Trap’s director, have somehow got the rights to Night Trap from Hasbro… and now they want to bring it back.

As you can probably tell, their presentation is a bit… lacking.

I’d love to see this project happen, so I’ve volunteered my time and adoration for the series to help.

I’ll be livestreaming the red-box OG Sega CD edition of Night Trap today at 3PM EDT(noon pacific) to help drum up interest.

Make sure you tune in, and it couldn’t hurt to toss some scratch towards the NT crew too.
Disclaimer: I have no association with the KS. I just want the remaster to happen.

Cause boy is it pretty.

See you there!

Mm, cherry popsicles.