Fate/Extra CCC Status Update: 17%

Fresh from the Death Busters HQ.

I never did make one of these updates, did I?



So let’s make like Jeezy and get it.


Text insertion and graphic editing is underway in tandem with the translation. You can see the fruits of the labors above.

We also have two new helpers: Cargodin(@cargodin) and Kotcrab(@kotcrab), helping with graphics and editing, respectively.
That’s all for now, keep on shining. Or something.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R[GBC]: Fan Translation Beta In Action!

Enjoy! I’m playing, so excuse how bad I am at this game, I’d never played it before.


“So why is the translation so horrible?”
-This is a raw translation. I’ll be editing it, and I’m a diehard Sailor Moon fan, so expect quality.

“What kind of game is it?”
Part roaming, part V/N(uh, sorta), part platforming/action(best part).

Oh, and that Sailor V video game Usagi plays at Crown Parlor? IN GAME. AND AWESOME.