The unappreciated depth and secrets of Night Trap

Probably the most infamous FMV game ever made, Night Trap is part of the reason the video game rating system as we know it exists. Infamously used as part of Nintendo’s arsenal during the Senate hearings on violence in video games, Night Trap was falsely presented as a game where the player kills hapless girls by luring them to their doom.

It’s also commonly reviled as an awful game, a waste of the Sega CD, and often cited as one o the main examples why FMV games are the worst.

While there’s no secret that Digital Pictures churned out FMV games like candy, in many ways, Night Trap is probably their most replayable title, and has a lot of content that most players will miss… if you know where to look.

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Progress Updates And Stuff

Due to a few requests for updates…


Okay, several.

Fate/Extra CCC

Organizational phases. @ItsumoKnight is currently laying out the script by chapter to match up with our translation. When you have a project this massive, translating things out of context just won’t do.

I’d say 20% organized. We have translation work going concurrently. Hard to explain. It’s one of those things that when I have something tangible to show, I will. But it is still a thing. Just don’t expect any reliable timeframe just yet.

On the bright side, I did retranslate the OPs to get my feet wet, so have an enjoy. As with my usual song lyric translations, I did my best to match the translation syllables to the JP pronunciation. So sing along! OR DIE. ❤




Sakura Wars

Just got a new scenario update. It’s sitting at somewhere between 40-50% complete, and we have a new organizational method, so expect things to progress faster from here.

You’re not the boss of me.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Waiting on more script extractions. Shop text is largely finished. I’d say it’s at 25%.


In need of a new translator, also mired in bugs. Still on hold. NOT CANCELLED. NEVER. MARK MY WORDS. (Put it in Red, Beato.)

The Silver Case

Officially cancelled. In case you haven’t heard, Playism is officially localizing it, in conjunction with Suda51 himself.

Please give them your support.


See you next time.


iwakura.p’s state of the union

“When’s CCC?” “Where’s Sakura Wars?” “Give Shadowrun plz” “SILVER CASE WHEN!?”

And so on and so on. Just a few of the many questions I get on the regular, and understandably so.

To that end, here’s updates on each of the three projects that I’m actively leading, and one that I’m actively helping on, as well as others that I’d eventually plan to do but have not even come close to starting yet.

Fate/Extra CCC (PSP)


Translation Progress: ~10%

Team Members: Four(editor, two translators, programmer)

Script Size: Biblical (4000+ pages)

Difficulty: Fairly High (massive script, branching paths, unknown menu format)

Sakura Wars (PC)


Translation Progress: ~40%

Team Members: Three (editor, translator, programmer)

Script Size: Average  (300-400 pages)

Difficulty: High (due to very, very thin menu confines)

Shadowrun (Sega CD)


Translation Progress: ~20%

Team Members:  Variable (Editor, programmer, assorted freelance translators)

Script Size: Fairly Average (100-200 pages)

Difficulty: NIGHTMARISH (This is a very, very buggy game, and Sega CD hacking is fairly uncharted territory.)

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PSP)


(Not an iwakura.p project, I am assisting on this one.)

Team Members: Three (translator, editor, programmer

Translation Progress: 60%(majority of the script is translated, but it ALL needs to be edited)

Script Size: Fairly Large

Difficulty: Fair (it’s an Atlus project, always Luciferian to program, but we have a very skilled person on that job.)

Moonlight Syndrome (PS1)

Team Members: Three (Translator, editor, programmer)

Translation Progress: 30%

Script Size: Medium

Difficulty: Fair (mostly JUST text, but we haven’t delved into it yet.)

(Not officially underway.)

The Silver Case (PS1)


Hope this helps answer some of your questions. Hit me up on twitter if you have more(@cj_iwakura). And try to positive thinking.

Shadowrun [Sega CD] Progress Update & Gameplay

Hey all. I’ve been getting a lot of contact about the Shadowrun project, which is awesome. Not sure if it’s the Shadowrun community or niche Sega CD/SRPG fans or both, but I’m not complaining.

Unfortunately, it’s proving to be a complicated task. The game uses some very intricate kanji tables, and though we have the first Scenario translated, implementing the script is gonna be a pain, chummer.

That said, I decided to get some screens up to and including the first few battles to tide you all over.

Our wayward posse of Runners decide to run around the city looking for clues, and they find a lot.

As well as a gang who need to have their faces smashed in.

And maybe, just maybe, the elusive Samurai Killer…

The gameplay as said, is SRPG format, and uses a fantastic dice-rolling mechanic to determine damage and defense, as well as chances of the attack hitting.

I had a blast playing it, and I hope you will too. Keep on runnin’.


If you’ve played Snatcher or Policenauts, the gameplay should feel very familiar. You talk to people, get ignored, talk some more, then bust some skulls and then they start talking. Expect a LOT of talking, this is a very wordy game. (This is a huge plus for me.)

Shadowrun [Sega CD] Update and History

Since the Shadowrun Returns kickstarter is nearing completion(I donated,  and you should too!), seems like a good time for an update.

So, just what differentiates Shadowrun [Sega CD] from its western counterparts?

Quite a bit!













Shadowrun was one of the last Sega CD releases in Japan, and to this day remains one of the rarest. Shadowrun’s Sega CD version is a mixture of genres. It’s one part visual novel/graphic adventure, similar in vein to Snatcher and Rise of the Dragon, and one part grid-based Strategy RPG, along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.










Gives things an extra layer of depth(and time-consumption), no doubt.

If you’re worried the games Japanese aesthetics will distract from Shadowrun’s cyberpunk/dystopian future vibe, fear not.










Shadowrun SCD has that in spades.

The script is approaching the milestone of the first scenario’s completion, so stay tuned for more as we get there.