Golden Reverie Updates: New Font, Translated OP, Ronove, Chiester, Kanon scenarios

Lots of updates. Firstly, I’ve included a video of the OP with annotations of the lyrics I created. I adapted a translation into phonetic lyrics so you can sing along! (I’m sure you Ranma 1/2 fans will appreciate the touch.)

It will be hard-subtitled in-game.

Also, we have 5 out of the 18 scenarios done. Sorry it’s taking a while, but inserting the text is the tough part. Once it’s there, I edit, and golden.

Additionally, we have a new font!
Straight outta OMK Cross. (That’s the sequel which we’ll do someday, most likely.)

Here’s some screens:

Original Font (Ronove Scenario)

New Font (Battler/Lucifer & Chiester/Eva scenarios)

Stay tuned.

Spaaaace Chan-
wait, wrong game.