Serial Experiments Lain: The PSX Game

Disclaimer: despite’ intimate ties to The Wired, we currently have no intention or designs on fan translating the Lain PSX game. This is merely for observational purposes. I believe there is a team currently working on it. Any further inquiries should be addressed to Masami Eiri at Navi Technologies(ltd.).


The Lain PSX game is an odd duck.


It’s not even really a game at all. It’s a simulator.

You navigate a Lain avatar through a cyclical interface to access her journals, voice recordings, and assorted clips of her interacting with society.

It gets VERY repetitive, but there is a ton of content if you have the patience and time to unlock it all.

As seen, her avatar is very playful and light-hearted, kind of like her original form before Wired-Lain takes over.

I don’t know who did the anime scenes, but judging from the wildly different style, probably not Nakamura.

There are moments very reminiscent of the show’s aesthetics, though.

The diaries are mostly Lain talking about anything from classmates to her parents. Is it meant to be the same Lain we know, or an alternate reality?

Either way, if you love Lain and want another dose of her strange world, it’s certainly worth a look.



One response to “Serial Experiments Lain: The PSX Game

  1. I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone on the mega cd translation project of shadowrun I’m a huge fan of shadowrun since I was 8. What’s the status and if you can email me I think it’s awesome aand it is the only one I haven’t played and I’ve wanted to for years I mean years. Thanks.


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