Shikigami no Shiro Update

It’s been a while since I updated progress on Shikigami here, but now that the Gun Bullet Children project is done, let’s get back to the Shiro bullet hell!

Tagami’s script is complete, marking the game at 85% completion.

A mysterious character from Alfa System’s lightgun shooter, Elemental Gearbolt, Tagami makes her first appearance in Shikigami no Shiro to put a stop to the invasion of the spirit parasites.



So what’s left, you ask?

*Endings (Contained in a separate .dat file)
*Gallery (Viewable as extras)
*End Credits (This is gonna take a while!)
*Errata (Tutorial, incidental text, scoreboards, etc.)

Almost there, crooked castlers.

Shadowrun [Sega CD] Update and History

Since the Shadowrun Returns kickstarter is nearing completion(I donated,  and you should too!), seems like a good time for an update.

So, just what differentiates Shadowrun [Sega CD] from its western counterparts?

Quite a bit!













Shadowrun was one of the last Sega CD releases in Japan, and to this day remains one of the rarest. Shadowrun’s Sega CD version is a mixture of genres. It’s one part visual novel/graphic adventure, similar in vein to Snatcher and Rise of the Dragon, and one part grid-based Strategy RPG, along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.










Gives things an extra layer of depth(and time-consumption), no doubt.

If you’re worried the games Japanese aesthetics will distract from Shadowrun’s cyberpunk/dystopian future vibe, fear not.










Shadowrun SCD has that in spades.

The script is approaching the milestone of the first scenario’s completion, so stay tuned for more as we get there.