So much for Golden Reverie: Cross…

MangaGamer beat us to the punch. Ah well.


ctu2e0yw8aak-wnI have absolutely no clue when they’re releasing it, but it is a thing! Sincerely glad to see it, just a little disappointed we were never approached. Ah well. Those who hated our localization should be happy, because I guarantee they’re doing their own thing.

If they’re not, well… I don’t have any attorney, sucks to be me I guess!

But really, looking forward to it. No idea when we would’ve gotten to it, anyway.


We’ll always have the vanilla version, right?


Umineko no Naku Koro Ni/When They Cry coming to Steam!

I said wow.

Definitely relevant to my interests, especially since MG said they might localize the fighting game(!) if this does well. SO BUY IT!

Would I let them use our script if they localized Ougon Musou Kyoku? HELL YES.

Golden Reverie Fan Translation – 1.10 Patch (Updated)

Short and sweet update, we were informed of a major glitch in a scenario.


This fixes it, as well as other things.

If you downloaded 1.0:
Get this vscript file. (UPDATED, earlier one was incorrect.)

This fixes the Eva-Beatrice/Chiester 710 glitch, as well as updating the ‘Grandma’ Eva inaccuracy.
You can find the other files elsewhere in previous posts.

If you have yet to download the patch:

Here is 1.10:

This includes all above fixes, as well as the translated movelists.

I will be replacing the 1.0 patch upload shortly.
Enjoy, and as always, comment or email me if you find any issues.

Golden Reverie Movelist Upload

Warrants a new post since I overlooked it. Feedback has been largely positive, aside from an observation regarding the use of oba/obaa-san’s translation which will be addressed in the 1.10 patch.



Put those DDZ files in the Char folder. Overwrite what’s there. English movelists.


Back to testing…



When The Seagulls Cry: Golden Reverie – Fan Translation Release (1.10 – UPDATED)

UPDATES: Version 1.10

Vscript file, replace 1.0’s with this:

Movelist graphics, place in Char folder:

Version 1.0 Patch:

OP alone(hard subbed):

Patch files alone (without OP):

Alternate OP (Smaller Subs) – DOES NOT WORK in certain versions. Download with caution. (

For the love of Beato, READ THE READ ME!


Not bad for a year’s work!




Golden Reverie nearing completion state: Graphical Implementation!

Yeah, this is some good stuff. One of those things that you’re giddy just to see in action.

It bears mentioning that this massive update would not have been possible without the support of the Visual Novel Umineko Community at Reddit, and some amazing volunteers who will be credited in the final release.

Thanks, seacats!


As Miss Virgilia was kind enough to demonstrate, we’ve got the menu text translated AND implemented. We need to line it up and clean up some things, and insert some extraneous stuff, but by and large the worst is over!

The insertion process was kind of haphazard, as we basically just translated the Japanese graphics to English, tossed them in, and watched the fireworks.


As you’ll see here, it’s kind of an involving process.


Oh, but the results were worth it.


But wait, there’s more!


In-game moves will be translated as well, and…

We’ve added hard subs into the opening video too, since I’m sure you actually like to know what’s being sung in these things.


Final Cut Pro works wonders.

So in case you like hard numbers:

  •     Script: 100%
  •     In-Game Text: 100%
  •     Editing: 95%
  •     Graphics: 70%

As Ange would say… “have a nice day, see you again.”