When The Seagulls Cry: Golden Reverie – Fan Translation Release (1.10 – UPDATED)

UPDATES: Version 1.10

Vscript file, replace 1.0’s with this:


Movelist graphics, place in Char folder:


Version 1.0 Patch:


OP alone(hard subbed):


Patch files alone (without OP):


Alternate OP (Smaller Subs) – DOES NOT WORK in certain versions. Download with caution.

https://www.mediafire.com/?78xylm4bs2fpdxa (

For the love of Beato, READ THE READ ME!


Not bad for a year’s work!




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31 responses to “When The Seagulls Cry: Golden Reverie – Fan Translation Release (1.10 – UPDATED)

    • You are excused for your enligsh.

      Like CJ just said. We will do another project first, then we might work on Cross to it’s full.

      We would also love feedback for this one, the more feedback we get the better will be the Cross patch.

      Thanks for your question.

  1. Thanks, a bunch CJ. Glad I imported this when I saw you were translating. The rest of your work is excellent, so I expect great things! See you when the seagulls cry again for cross!

  2. Thanks for all the hard work :) The only thing I really don’t like are the huge subs in the opening which made me revert to the original one after watching it once.

  3. I was looking at some of the translation videos, but I was wondering…why do you guys translate ‘oba-san’ to grandma? It should be ‘Aunt’ instead of ‘Grandma’ since ‘grandma’ would be ‘obaa-san’
    Unless you fixed it in the final translation…

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  5. Awesome work sir… Sir I have a little request to make the translation more awesome for us Umineko Fans ;-).. Instead of Madame, Grandma, etc.. why change them to Oba-san, Beatrice-sama/san..etc.. Like that… It would be awesome if all of those wouold be changed SIR… Like MANGA… :-) Hope for a reply… Thanks for all the effort and Hardwork in translating this game.

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