Minor updates and stuff


A lot of commenters seem to think I’ve given up, abandoned the projects, moved to Tokyo, etc etc etc, so here’s the story so far.

Sakura Wars

Script is nearing completion, and editing is ramping up.

If you were to put a Masami Eiri plush to my head and ask me which project is closest to completion, this would be it.

Persona 2

The hacker is working on stuff. That’s all I got for now.



Same as last time nothing new to report, translation is still moving along.


See you next time.



Yes, I know.

29 responses to “Minor updates and stuff

  1. Yeah. How is Shadowrun going? Out of all your current projects, that’d have to be the most high profile one on there. More details please.

    And update more often. Once every 6 months is not acceptable.

      • Don’t listen to that dude, take your time. Especially since you’re doing this for free. I don’t care if I have to wait another year, you’re a goddamn saint for working on CCC and I -really- appreciate what you’re doing. Cheers, mate!

    • Shadowrun being the most high profile one on there? LMAO. It’s pretty obvious the most high profile one they’re working on is CCC.

  2. Cheering you on! Thanks for all your hard work~ (Pay no mind to the ungrateful/entitled types. :p)

    I don’t care if it takes another few years, I’ll just be happy to be able to play CCC in English.

  3. “translation is still moving along.”

    Thanks god, I was afraid thinking that you gave up on CCC, I know that is a very text-heavy game so it is okay, better a slow but well-made translation than a fast and bad one. I wish I had the ability to help you on this one but my skills at japanese are nearly zero. good luck.

  4. I am a patient man. All I hope is to see the P2:EP release one day, but I’ve waited on fan translations that took many, many years to come out. I can wait. And I’ve gotta say, thanks for updating us on what’s happening, much appreciated.

  5. great to see an update. now i am excited. Sakura Taisen is one of my favorite series of all time looking forward to playing it without needing a translation guide on hand.

    • Also meant to ask (not that I expect the patch to come out this year unless its really late and we are lucky) but as I have never really worked on anything like a patch but how long does it usually take to do an edit and make a patch I have always been curious and an wondering on a time frame for sakura raised as I have been playing it on breakfast with a text guide I found online and if the patch will be out since if its soon enough I will wait on the patch to play the PC version instead.

  6. Selfishly hoping for the EP translation by when I finish IS. Translations make me so happy, thank you ahead of time for these projects they all look fantastic. I know how long this stuff can take, ā¤

  7. So long as CCC hasn’t been dropped, i’m content. It’s nice to see an update every once in a while. Last time I checked this was probably 4-5 months ago. Regardless, if waiting another 3 years means a quality job, then so be it. Thanks for the hard work!

  8. Are you still alive?Fate Grand Order CCC event is already happening.How’s your progress with the translation?Hope you finish it soon.

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