Sakura Wars hits 30%!

This update was fun. There’s an animated cutscene with a LIPS choice right in the middle of it. Want to watch Sakura slap the living hell out of Sumire? Boy do I have the visual novel/SRPG for you!










As you can see the LIPS system still needs work, and this update ends right at the battles. But they are working fine, so I’m not too worried about that portion.

22 responses to “Sakura Wars hits 30%!

  1. Hang in there! Fan translation can be tedious and exhausting, but I feel totally worth it, plus ST fans will be forever grateful to you.

  2. Holy Christ Batman….
    Awesome work! youre doing the non japanese fanbase a huge service. You got any plans for the remaining 3 games once this ones done?

      • understandable the other translation projects also are worth the effort and time. by the way i hope you dont mind me asking but how did you get the games files to something one could work with? its something ive been kinda courious about since the day i laid my hand on the game first

  3. Hi,
    I’m french too and thank you very much for your hard work ! always wanted to play this game. Only played and finished the 4 th game on Dreamcast. Keep up the goodwork and maybe one day a Saturn translation ? : )

  4. Does anyone know how to install Sakura Wars for the PC? I install it and it plays the opening and then everything goes black.

  5. Been waiting years for this..I’ve eagerly anticipated an English version of this even more than SFIII or Dragon Force II.

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