The Fate/Extra CCC Translation Project

As anyone who follows me on twitter knows, this baby’s been in the oven for a LONG. DAMN. TIME.

This was originally being done by Neoxephon at GBATemp. NX was making mad progress, but then sadly had to give up. See the thread here.

So NX handed over the work he’d done so far on the code to anyone who was willing.

It turns out we are. (The former translator sadly does not want to be involved, so we will respect their wishes and start over from scratch.)

Without further ado, the first buggy-as-hell screens of Fate/Extra CCC.

MENU_00000 MENU_00001 MENU_00002 MENU_00003 MENU_00004 MENU_00005 MENU_00006 MENU_00007 MENU_00008 MENU_00009 MENU_00010 MENU_00011 MENU_00012

Myself and EsperKnight are hard at work at fixing the bugs and we have a new translator potentially in the wings, so please be excited, etc.

270 responses to “The Fate/Extra CCC Translation Project

  1. Please be excited? I don’t think I could be more excited even if the secret to immortality was discovered. This game is at the very, very top of the rather long list of things I’ve wanted translated! I’m hype.

  2. Oh thank you, let’s hope everything goes right, I can’t wait anymore to experience this story myself, i’ve managed to not spoil anything ever since i finished the first one (it’s been a long ass time)

  3. How far did macaronron got in the translation o_o
    I mean I was in this before but I was removed when I would disappear sometimes due to work but I have contributed here too w. If you don’t mind a part timer I’d like to still help

  4. I’ve been holding out hope for this for a long time since I checked back in the translation thread and saw you guys potentially picking this up, and I’m quite excited to see this finally getting the translation it deserves. You guys have my gratitude for doing this and I wish you guys the best of luck with this project. I really wish there was something I could do to help, but I don’t have any skills that could possibly be of help to you. Nonetheless, I’m sure you’ll put out stellar translation for this wonderful game.

  5. Open up a donation box or something.I promised myself if someone ever actively bothered with a CCC translation I’d contribute in some way.

  6. Totally excited. I’ve been learning moonspeak for this and SRW, but maybe I don’t need to pressure myself anymore. Do put up a donation box, though. Projects like this deserve some recompense, for sure.

  7. I am super excited!! Can barely hold myself from screaming right now.
    Thank you so much!! Keep up the good work. We are all cheering for you!

  8. This old game is already at the point when someone picks it up, you get loads of praise. If you choose to drop it, even trolls won’t blame you.

    Thanks for doing it, but no offense, I wouldn’t hold my breath after so many groups coming and going with this game….

  9. Great some good news, btw is that script really that huge? Christmas could be nice , but I wonΕ₯ say to do the impossible .

  10. i can’t wait for this. finally i will understand what saber’s saying.. i just finished fate/extra last week so im looking forward to this :))

  11. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been wanting to play CCC ever since finishing Extra. I do have a question though, if you don’t mind me asking. This won’t be a machine translation right?

  12. I love the fate series so much. Knowing that someone is working on this just made my day. To be honest I was going to go learn Japanese so I can play this game. Of course I’m stuck having to wait until I get to college.

  13. So, let’s just say that hypothetically, someone might be interested in doing translation work for this project
    Hypothetically speaking, who should this person contact and what else needs to be done to join the team?
    Purely hypothetically, of course

  14. How many staff members do you currently have? And are you very sure about completing the translation? Cause I know the text is a lot and there are a lot of dropped projects with this game.

  15. Offhandedly googled to see if someone had picked this up after NX stopped working on it and was happily surprised to see someone had taken up the torch. You have my sincerest gratitude and my best wishes that this project is successful and fun is had by all.

    Question: Characters talk to each other during battle sequences and from the youtube videos I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be an in sequence subtitle system. Is there an option for that or will subtitles be limited to dialogue and overworld segments?

    • Very very difficult. If you’re familiar with Project X Zone, Namco went above and beyond to add in subtitles for battle quips, which I’m sure you know is VERY rare. Doing so would be a massive undertaking for this game. I can’t say no for sure, but I can say that in the worst case scenario, I’d include a guide for such text instances in a word document.

      Fortunately, quips of that sort are usually unimportant to the story and consist of snide remarks and one-liners, but we’d translate them regardless.

  16. Yeahhhhh I love you guys! Finally!! I was a bit disappointed because of the previous team had given up on this project. Now I can feel the Light Of Hope. MANY Thanks!!!! Good Luck on the project!

  17. Out of curiosity, is it possible for one to access the music files in the game and mess around with them? I’m asking because I want to release a bunch of modded sound files that replace Gil’s and Emiya’s tracks with their more updated leitmotifs from Zero and UBW (More specifically to chuck out “cosmic air” for “This day and never again”) Any idea if this is feasible or if I’m more likely to crash the game doing it?

  18. Thank you so, so much for working on this. I’ve been coming and checking back on this project about once a month since I discovered it. If you ever do a GoFundMe or PayPal donation drive or whatever, I will certainly contribute a few bucks to see this brought to completion. Fate is one of my favorite things and I was genuinely sad when nobody ever brought this game over to America.

  19. I’ve been Waiting for 4 years and now the game will be continue !! You guys are the best πŸ˜€
    *Brofist πŸ˜€

  20. Hey Admin , just wanted to ask why did you decide to translate this game? Are you a fan of Type – moon works? Or just just played the first fate/extra and need more? πŸ˜€ .

    • Honestly, I’m not that big a fan of Type-Moon. But I LOVED Fate-Extra. So this is more because of that. (Zero is great as well, but boy does the VN draaaaaaaaaaaaaag.)

  21. I see, but the game novel isnt so bad it has 3 routes many bad ends and its really long. But if should try something its the new Fate/unlimited blade works series it has one of the best animations I v seen and it sums up 1 route of the novel ( and I think the best one) Well if you loved Fate/extra I am sure you will love this one .)
    And yes fate/zero was a drag πŸ˜€

  22. I’m so excited about this, I’ve been hoping for a translation for the game ever since finding out there was a sequel to Fate Extra. I heard Team Revenge has an English patch out version 1.03, but I’m sure if it works on the PSP only that it works with the PPSSPP emulator.

  23. oh friends, i’ve been waiting for a translation since 2013 when i knew about CCC, i wish you the best of lucks with this project and a smooth and fast envelopment

  24. Ive been waiting on this for a long time, almost as long as ive been wishing for a translation of daiteikoku. I wanted to say how thankful I am that youve taken up this project and I also wanted to thank you on behalf of everyone who wants to play this but has long since given up hope. There are so many people who are interested in these stories but for some reason they aren’t being picked for translation. I know there are lots of people who would buy these games but I guess the translation teams of the business world just aren’t translating them because of executive decisions, which is a shame because there’s a lot of money that could be made.

  25. You guys have no idea how this made my new year more awesome! You can do it guys! I wish I could donate to you guys to show support!

    Please T__T For everyone! Let’s help them

  26. YAY FATE PROJECT HERE~ Hmm~ I’m interested in this, probably might help out once I get some japanese Kanji down for myself

  27. I wish you the best of luck with this project and i am with u guys all the way! Let 2016 be the year that we can all finally enjoy this game XD. (I HAVE FAITH!)

  28. hey guys finally I see some1 translating this πŸ™‚ I study japanese if u need help I can try helping you … I don’t know anything about programming tough so don’t rely on me about that XD oh uhm my japanese level is not that high well I just have problems with kanjis I tried to play this game and I could understand it somehow but playing and looking at the dictionary was a drag so I changed game XD if u need just tell me and I’ll help πŸ™‚

  29. I just started playing Fate/Extra yesterday, and I’m already on the second week. I’m loving the game! So amazed that you guys are translating the CCC patch. Wishing you luck and progress! You guys are hella amazing!

  30. Hey there, first of all allow me to thank you and the whole team for your efforts. This game is one of my favourites and I really love the Fate series, after finishing Fate/Extra I’ve really been waiting to play CCC (just to give you an idea of much I I’ve been craving to play this guy I RARELY make posts wherever it may be, and I’ve alredy tried to get a translation patch, which resulted in a massive virus attack, relentlessly terminating my pc…), so I hope you guys can get it done even if things get dark.
    Also I would like to make a suggestion, recently I’ve been playing CCC (in jp, what else…) and I’ve been guiding myself with one particular translation made by a blogger who played the whole Gilgamesh w/ female MC route (through posting numerous entry logs), and I’ve to say that he did a really good job, so i thought if you could somehow use the translation that he alredy did. I don’t know far you are into the game’s translation, nor do I want to offend or doubt the team’s capacities, but I guess that could help out a bit (if you’re not doing it alredy).
    I’m not asking to plagiarize, so if you could get the guy’s permission or collaboration that would be awesome.
    Hope you continue your great work through this dire trial, also sorry for the long post πŸ™‚

  31. Oh wow! This is awesome! I can’t wait! I’ve been playing Fate/Extra for the 2nd time (gonna try all the servants, I’m done with Saber). Haha.
    I know that there’s CCC but I know it’s only in Japanese and searched the net for an English patch and now, this! Hands up for you guys! OMG.

    I’m gonna spazz when this Eng version is released ’cause I saw that you can customize your servant and the MCs. (PANTS ONLY FOR ARCHER! YEAH! LOL)
    The fans here can’t thank you enough and so can’t I. So THANK YOU and we’re all excited for this! *sends hearts and hugs* ❀

  32. Hey getting more excited for this now I’ve finished extra I’m totally in love with saber, do u have an estimate or goal targeted for finishing the translation?

  33. I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work! As a huge Fate series fan, I almost cried when I heard that someone picked up the translation project.
    Thanks again, I will be waiting patiently for progress updates!

  34. i have been waiting for this since i bought the collector edition of fate/extra and looked up games related and have been agonizing over the project. if this gets done you guys will have the utmost of respect from me and that is hard to achieve.
    i hope it gets done by the end of 2016 but i think that is wishfull thinking i finished all 3 routes in the original and now i can’t wait to play this in English patch mode so i can finally do the gilgamesh route after playing the original which diidn’t have him and fate/extra was completed with all 3 routes in a matter of days (3 days in game time).

  35. Holy shit.

    Just found out about this from a quick google search, hoping against all hope that someone picked this up again.

    I’d lost all hope after the first translation died.

    I wish you all of the lucks and hope to play Fate/Extra CCC before I die.

  36. Thank you so much for trying to translate this Game! If there is anyway a person could help I would be so happy to do so.

  37. IS there curently any beta/partialy translated patch available from you guys? Even if it’s not fully done would like to try this. Been waiting so long for this game to get a patch.

  38. I’ve had Fate/Extra for the PSP for years, but never really played it. Been playing it on a PSP emulator on my tablet as of late.

    That said, I’ve been waiting for an English TL for this one.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  39. Omg Thanks for the hard work and good luck!! I am soo excited for this translation *partially because i wanna drool over gilgamesh* BUT GOODLUCK TO YOU GUYS AND HOPE YOU DON’T NEGLECT YOUR HEALTH AND OTHER THINGS.

  40. Considering it has been 7 months since the last blog update, I can’t help myself but highly doubt this project will come to a fruitation.

    We all know for a fact that fan translation projects such as this and VN’s are generally massive and rarely come to completion. Roughly %95 of them are abondoned.

    Can you shorten the time between update intervals and notify more frequently about your progress? Thanks for the hard work.

    • I update when I have progress to update with. At the moment there isn’t any. If you keep tabs on my twitter, you’ll see I make small bits here and there. Nothing goes on the blog unless it’s significant.

  41. I wished that TM should have done what they did with the 1st game, in which they released the EN one year after the Japanese version. However, the problem today is that the PSP is already a phased out model since 2014, so maybe that reason alone is why they did not make any english release for this awesome game. Still, I’m hoping that a translated version gets released by interested people this soon, somewhere this year. Hopefully.

    • If ever, it’s very much like what had been done with the Final Fantasy Type 0, which was also released for PSP but only for Japan. Lol.

    • Actually, from what I heard from somebody who had a friend who worked at the localization company for the first one, it was due to low sales of Fate/EXTRA that this game never got an English release.

  42. Have you decided on how to deal with ‘ai’ and ‘koi’ translations? Those are pretty big themes in the game, there is an entire separate talk between Anderson and Kiara in the true ending which will be hard to deal with in translation. Have you found any solution to it yet?

    Also there was translation on tsukinoura on Passionlips SG being ‘Masochistic Predisposition’ but isn’t ‘Masochistic Constitution’ a better translation? It’s not like she likes being bullied or scolded like Rin but that she has a constitution that makes you want to bully her. It’s different.
    ‘体θ³ͺ’ can mean Constitution and in this case it’s a better translation choice.

  43. Can we see a progression bar or progression rate?
    I’m very excited for this game and somehow I wanna check every now and then…
    Also keep up with the good work~!

  44. Oh man I can’t believe someone is working on this project again! Thanks a billion for working on this! Seriously!
    Hope you guys can translate it fast.
    Best of luck!

  45. so about how many percent does the translation cover???
    the game is sitting on my computer and psp for years
    i don’t want to play it yet cause i won’t get the full experience if i don’t understand it
    been a fan of Fate series i did make sure to get a hard copy of there games

  46. I wish you the best of luck and also can you pls post a link for the game in the comments if your done woth the translation tnx :))

  47. Hope you guys are still doing alright.

    The translation is VERY much appreciated, since I really enjoyed Fate/Extra and was really disappointed when I saw that Type-Moon never bothered with it for CCC.

  48. So I went ahead and stalked your twitter for a minute to see anything related to this project since I’m new to following this particular series and didn’t see anything recent so the question to be asked is whether or not this is still a project being actively focused on? I know you haven’t said anything about it being dropped but an update yes or no would be appreciated. Thank you for your work regardless of the answer.

  49. Really looking forward to this, hope that it is going well. I’m planning on doing a full play through on YouTube once its done. I’m a semi-skilled photoshoper so if there is something you need changed I would be more then happy to help. Keep up the good work.

    • it isnt dead but i think it is so huge that is difficult to keep translating with so many people asking the same question over and over… must understand that nobody pay them for doing this and it isn’t the only translation project of this group…i followed for a long time a translation of Gil route made by a player named Capellaaurigae and only that route is very long …you must add more or less two more route with a bonus route and you have the biblical script of Fate extra CCC.

  50. keep up the good job guys, as a Type Moon fans i know how hard translating their work is, but i’ll keep waiting even if it take 10 years

  51. I think it’s been a year already since your translator started this project. Any updates? I am dying to start this.


  53. If you can manage to get this game translated and patched, an entire fandom owes you its gratitude.

    Good luck, never give up, and thank you so much. Ya’ll are the best.

    • If so, keep up the hard work! I can’t wait for this to be done, I’ve been following this on and off since you guys announced it. πŸ˜€

  54. HELLOOO OMG GOSH PLEASE IGNNORE THIS TRASH LEAVING A COMMENT BUT I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS AND I’ll stop embarrassinng myself now. Just, I hope you’ll have a nice year! (On the side not, I am excited to play this game because, lol gilgamesh duh. AnD TAMA CHAN) Regards on your team!

  55. Cant wait to play this! I get that it’s hard work, but do you guys have any estimates on when it’ll be done, or what % of the translation is done? Thanks for all the hard work btw!

  56. I’ve been checking on this every few weeks, still really want to play this game. Fate/extra is the game I had most fun with on PSP. Hope it gets finished πŸ™‚

  57. Hi, is this still alive? If it is, then please give some, at the very least, monthly updates to keep us fans alive and kicking. Thank you so much for the effort and please don’t die us lol.

  58. lmao, this project is abandoned like any other fan translation project. the head of the project is actively enjoying his life like any normal people would do. check his twitter

    i guess it took the toll on him

    PS: praying for your father mr cj. thanks for trying also

      • Sorry, I was actually just baiting you toupdate us XD

        Pls dont abandon this project and I hope you can get it done this year. Can you at least update us on the translation status and the full patch status?

        Thanks btw for your efforts on the translation.

  59. i just want to thank you for giving us hope of being able to play this amazing game in English. I know this is a really hard work so just take step by step, there is no need to rush. I really hope this project will be finished some day.

  60. Looking forward to this and all that πŸ˜€ But…….
    It would be even better if there was progress bar or something.
    At least then I could stop stalking blog for any update every day DD:
    Damn I am desperate

  61. “cj_iwakura‏ @cj_iwakura 15 jan
    Got a few new scenarios of EP PSP to hash out, so that’s moving along. I appreciate the unending excitement for CCC, but please don’t ask.”

    Nothing after that. I guess maybe couple of years yet to wait for the result, either finish or abandone. So don’t bother for now, you only can start learning japanese yourself to get close to play FE CCC.

  62. I think I will be able to learn japanese myself before this project is done, I mean looking at the game and the updates + you are normal people I can tell that it will not be done in less than 4 years.

  63. after all these years only 10% done with fate extra ccc. Time to learn Japanese because its seems that the only way to actually play the game.

  64. time to learn Japanese, seems like the only way I’ll be able to play this game. its sad tho i’ve been waiting for this translation for 3 years

  65. Oh boi,i am so glad something like this is in would be a huge shame if any bigger anime or game from the fate/-series would never leave japan,even if it takes until kingdom hearts3 comes out to do so ^^ thank you

  66. Fate Extra Last Encore is coming…and suddenly remembered that CCC still being translated….check status/update that 17% of the game has been translated…screaming to myself OH MY GOD…like Raytheon say i dont care if this game finish translated like 2030 or something.. just please x 100 finish it. Dont give up guys!!!

    • You poor unfortunate soul. It has been about 4 years since this translation was announced. Most video games are ready to be released after ~4 years of development. Sorry, I don’t mean to crush your hopes and dreams, but it’s best to invest your hopes into other things that are less transient. The only time you should place blind hope into a localization is when it’s being done by a professional team, not some guy or group of guys trying to make metaphorical moonshine.

      It sucks, but I doubt this translation will be completed anytime soon. In fact, it may never be completed. There’s plenty of other English translation projects of better/more popular games that have been placed on hold indefinitely. Samurai Dou 2 Portable, Boktai 3 Sabata’s Counterattack, and plenty of others will likely never get full English translations, at least not for another few decades. That’s just how the scene works.

      • The only difference is this isn’t on hold, and it never was put on hold. Itsumo and the programmer have been constantly working on it.

        I haven’t been updating, because I have nothing to show, but it’s still in progress.

      • If people have been “constantly” working on it for going on 5 years now, either the game is ridiculously huge, or they’re “constantly” making slow/little progress. Are they translating a single sentence per day? Does that count as “constantly” working on it?

        I realize that, as they’re not getting paid to do it, and I’m not contributing to the project itself, that I am not entitled to the translation being finished when or even if I want it to be. That’s fine if it never gets done. But saying that it’s “constantly” getting worked on to me means that the team is working on it a few days per week, or at least half a dozen days per month. If that were the case though, they would surely have something to show for it after ~5 years. It’s not that I’m annoyed because the translation isn’t finished/out yet. I’m annoyed because it seems like you and/or the people working on it are being disingenuous. It seems that either you/they are trying to hide a lack of work ethic (which is more related to the team, not you) or you/they are keeping important update information behind closed curtains.

        There is absolutely no way I can believe that after close to 5 years there has been nothing accomplished that is worth posting an update about, unless the team has NOT in fact been working on the project constantly like you say.

  67. Sorry dude, I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s nice to see that you still care about getting it done, but that doesn’t mean it’ll ever get done.

  68. I have a question … do you really mean to translate it? and will this be the year that comes or within another four years? I do not want to be rude but you have been saying for years that you will do it and nothing, if you do not feel like saying it and we do not wait, but to say for what % you are going and when you think about taking it out, thanks

  69. This blog post is older than the Epic of Gilgamesh yet the translation still hasn’t been released. I can only take so many years of people doing the “take your time” bit to be nice before being real about it. It’s been 7 and a half years. Put your money where your mouth is and release something or get beaten to the punch again. If the game is readable from beginning to end that’s all that matters. It’s not worth the extra time to make sure everything is absolutely 100% perfect. It’s seriously not right to publicly declare to a fanbase you’re taking on the project but release literally nothing except occasional blog and video updates for 7+ years.

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