Fate/Extra CCC Status Update: 17%

Fresh from the Death Busters HQ.

I never did make one of these updates, did I?



So let’s make like Jeezy and get it.


Text insertion and graphic editing is underway in tandem with the translation. You can see the fruits of the labors above.

We also have two new helpers: Cargodin(@cargodin) and Kotcrab(@kotcrab), helping with graphics and editing, respectively.
That’s all for now, keep on shining. Or something.


31 responses to “Fate/Extra CCC Status Update: 17%

  1. Idk why but inside my mind I was shouting out loud after reading this. I just want to say thanks for working in this game and I hope for the best of you guys.

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad to see progress is going along well and wish you guys the best of luck as you continue to tackle this little behemoth.

  3. Thanks for the update.

    Also as a question, I remember one of the things that kind of bugged me about the English release of Extra was that lines in combat didn’t have any subtitles. Which for most of the battles didn’t matter, but was actually kind of annoying when you were fighting a servant and it there was full on banter between the servants or the enemy servant and master that basically wasn’t translated. Are you going to see if there is something that can be done about this?

    • That kind of thing requires programming on the JP side, and a lot of tweaks that are probably way out of our reach. See: Project X Zone, for instance. They actually added text balloons to accommodate the battle text, and even then it wasn’t ALL of it, only during animated cut-ins. (Leading to awkward stuff like Reiji and Xiaomu’s creed having no translation, but XIAOMU WAAAVE being subbed.)

      • Oh well, that sucks to hear. Still super excited about this though, hope everything manages to go smoothly for the project.

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  5. Before you said that the biggest issue was organizing the script which I’m guessing has been sorted now. That 17% isn’t representative of the total amount of work done on this so far right?

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