Fate/Extra CCC: May Update

Just what it says on the tin.

Shocking, right? I’ll let our resident meltist take over from here-


May Update

Good day to you, this is ItsumoKnight with this month’s update.

I was kinda hoping to hand it over to CJ but y’all just keep draggin’ me back.

My offhand comment’s been fire in the community.

Y’all keep calling me crazy for preferring it. Due to the discourse this sparked we had an in-group discussion and decided: Why argue? Let’s have both.

We’ll include Meltryllis as an option in the patch.

Now I can’t just let that be the only thing I talk about so let’s look at one of the areas that was really expanded from Extra (and subsequently further refined in Extella and Grand Order): My Room.

Yes, it was called that in Extra. That far back. I know.



They make much better use of space. While speaking to your Servant is still the primary use of the room, you can also change clothes, check the Matrix, and view the in-game CGs.



If you are so inclined, you have the limited ability to make dear Hakuno into a fashion disaster*. All cosmetic items are gender-exclusive. You can change the color of the glasses.

(*Editor’s note: I thought garters were in this season…)


As you can imagine, Extella was of great help in providing info. Too bad Bride Nero was the only one to make it to FGO. Now why wasn’t Goth-Bondage Tamamo approved? Hmmm.


Surprisingly, the Info Matrix was retained but demoted to providing exposition. Its function as “information is power” has been taken over by the SG (Secret Garden). As a side note, BB’s class man.

NSFW-ish alert, wee-oo

And last but not least, the Gallery is where you can look at your collection of lewds-no, not really, but yes-really.

Alright. I think that’s it for this month. I’m not goin’ anywhere so I’ll see you all later.


Short version: Blah blah blah Memes Meltryllis option. Also, My Room evolution.

35 responses to “Fate/Extra CCC: May Update

  1. Translation of which routes are completed?
    A rough estimation would be ok

    Thanks for the info and I can finally say fate extra CCC will come before tsukihime remake ❤

  2. Hey, thanks for working on this game’s translation… as you can see i’m very hopeless when it’s about learning language that doesn’t use Roman Alphabet (like Japanese, using Hiragana/Kanji). So, I’m really looking forward to this game’s fan-translation, may I know how much percentage are you done? Thanks~

  3. OhMyGod. This is just- Surprisingly expected. Hope to see more soon. Really guys, thank you very much for the great work done so far. Take care and stay ̶s̶a̶n̶e̶ safe, you all are important.

  4. Well, after not cheking this page since March I’m getting a great surprise.
    Thanks for letting us know of all the problems this project had since the beginning.
    I was/am learning japanese myself only to translate this game if no one was willing to do it.
    Having said that, you have my gratitude for making the effort.

    The only thing I have left to say is if you need more hands, I’m more than willing to help to make this succeed. I may not be able to do much, but hey, I’m even willing to help with proofread. Anything to ease the burden you guys are having with this.

  5. I would have just said ‘2bad we’re going with Meltlilith anyway’ because that’s how it was originally written by TM lol.

  6. Once again, phenomenal work guys. I was just wondering if there was another easier place to get updates? Like maybe a discord that shows a percentage completed of projects like CCC? Seeing a percentage that updates semi-regularly would illicit a hype train every 1% pretty much. I wanna be a part of that if it exists.

  7. Mm, can I ask you if which form the patch will be made in the end?

    Basically, I’m wondering whether I would be able to play it on PSP/Vita, or it would be feasible only with emulator?


    • “Its great to see so much progress” it’s an exageration. We still don’t know how much of the content is actually translated after all these years. In two months they onky said “We translated the description if these items”.

      • Well looking at this post and previous one they are doing quite nice work. I know that after 5 years this is almost nothing but you need to remember that they don’t work 8h a day they are doing it as a fan project.With so many problems that they seemed to have with this game to finally see that there are motivated and have progress is quite encouraging to be honest. Also they are working on those in fight subs that even extra doesn’t have and it was translated by professional team so I think they need some “extra” credit for that.

    • if you check their discord, apparently they had a memory problem regarding the loading of a cutscene or something like that, iirc, and they needed to refactor a lot of their work because of it, so that’s why they don’t have an update this month

  8. Thanks for the updates,been looking forward to the translated game since 2015.Totally understand the whole reason you weren’t able to do it all this time.And thanks for the “extra” mod.Always there for moral support.

  9. hey there, just wanted to ask whether you are still translating eternal punishment or youve dropped it ??

  10. I can’t wait for this fan translation to come out! Love Fate/Extra and can’t wait to see what CCC is about when this finishes

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