Fate/Extra CCC – Summer Update!

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Kotcrab has been kind enough to provide an update. Have an enjoy! Stay cool, and stay safe.  – cj

Kotcrab here with this month’s update to tell you more about the tools we use for this project! Let’s start with the script editor. We’ve come a long way with this one. At the beginning, there was a big spreadsheet with all the text from the game.


From there, we moved to a simple application with three text fields: Japanese, English and notes. We wanted to add more functionality to the editor, but since we didn’t have the source code for it, JS created the new app you can see in the screenshot below.


It’s packed with features, but most notably it allows us to see a live preview of how the text will look in the game as you type. You can play audio and see the image for the character speaking the line. When editing subtitles, we can adjust the timings and simulate exactly how it will look in game.

This worked great assuming that only a single person was working on the script at a time. With more people joining the project, it wasn’t sustainable as merging two versions of the script was a time consuming process. The next step was to create a central database for the editor. Once we finished that feature, multiple people could work on the same script in real time. We’re able to track change history for each entry, suggest changes, and mark completed entries or ones requiring more attention.

We also designed tools to extract and repackage the game. The tools understand how to parse the game files and make all the necessary changes. They also assemble and apply code patches.

Both Extra and CCC make extensive use of archives. First you have the game ISO file which contains the main archive. This archive contains smaller PAK archives, which can either be the actual game files or more archives. For example, a texture bank file will contain multiple textures. Due to various reasons, a single file can be duplicated across many PAK archives and a PAK archive can be repeated multiple times in the main archive. Our tools fully automate the management of these archives webs. After changing a file or adding a translation, the tool figures out what needs to be changed and replicates the changes to the proper places.

Finally we have the patcher tool. Its main purpose is to take the patch file and input ISO then create a patched ISO. It’s a fairly recent addition to the toolkit, but it had to be made. At first, we used xdelta, but this produced huge patches due to how the games are packed. The first Extra mod was over 500 MBs and the CCC patch was estimated to be even bigger. With the new tool, the patch for Extra is just 11 MBs. Thanks to it, we can also provide an option for selecting which Meltrylis name to use.

To sum up, a lot of custom stuff was written for this patch. Some of it is already finding use in other projects. Hopefully we’ll be able to reuse more and more of these tools going forward.

Now for some progress updates~

The initial translation pass for the Extra subtitles is finished. It adds almost 800 subtitles for the in-battle dialog. Of course, this patch also includes all the changes from the first mod.


(don’t worry, this file is automatically generated)


Thanks to the help from our image editors, we have finished and tested all of the texture edits for CCC. This is 436 edited images. The last ones were the textures used in the prologue.


The CCC script translation efforts are going smoothly. According to our database stats, we have over 1000 edits per month on average to the main script. Let’s take a closer look:

Script source Tools (extraction, insertion) Translation
DAT (the main script) Done 5 out of 7 chapters done
EBOOT Done Done
Indungeon Done Not started yet
Infomatrix Done Done
Items Done Done
Interface Done Done
SG Done Done
Subs Done In progress

Finally, it’s likely we will post smaller updates on our Discord. Last month, I shared updates on the two technical issues; check the pinned messages!

And beware the gatcha! Unless it’s for Ishtar, then it’s okay. Maybe.

(not really.)


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  1. I’m sorry to ask, but you name a Discord in the update where you post smaller updates. Can I have a link?

    • Thats likely what the files are located under.
      Subs are likely from when characters talk without having text bubbles (EG Noble Phantasms)

  2. Its incredible that specific tools for this project were created! I’m getting increasingly interested in fantranslations.

    Once again, good job, you guys are just bonkers.

    • Hey,

      I translated parts of ZVN’s CCC videos a while back. It’s weird that I’m only hearing about this project now, but I’d love to help out with this translation if you’d have me. While I don’t have much TL experience outside of what I did with CCC earlier, I do have native English, fluent Japanese, background in Fate lore, and most importantly an abundance of time thanks to Covid. DM me if you’d be interested.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work… but does the announcement of the remake of Extra change anything? Could I also possibly get a link for that discord invite please?

  4. Hey,

    I translated parts of ZVN’s CCC videos a while back. It’s weird that I’m only hearing about this project now, but I’d love to help out with this translation if you’d have me. While I don’t have much TL experience outside of what I did with CCC earlier, I do have native English, fluent Japanese, background in Fate lore, and most importantly an abundance of time thanks to Covid. DM me if you’d be interested.

  5. Thank you for the hard work, really looking forward to this translation. Also, can I get an invite for the Discord server also?

  6. great work, good shit. hopefully fate/extra record’s announcement doesn’t demotivate anyone involved with the project

    • 100% agreed. Even if CCC gets remade eventually it will be censored to hell and back. Much more excited with this fan translation than a remake and official localization.

      • I am assuming that they are quiet because they have no firm stance on this yet, but my (extremely dreamy) hope is that Type-Moon eventually contacts them and works with them on the english release of the inevitable Fate/Extra CCC remake.

        Also, the situation really is not as dramatic as it seems – I remenber reading that Nino wants the remake to come up truly polished, so there isn’t even any planned release date yet.

        Happy Nasu-Versing!

  7. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear it’s going well. Absolutely cannot wait, thank you and everyone else for all the hard work.

    Just letting you know if they do announce a CCC remake and you guys don’t end up releasing this I will have to actually jump off a bridge, cause they’ve already mentioned it’ll be censored to hell and back.

  8. hello i’m a brazilian fan and i would like to know if the announcement of the remake of the extra fate will affect the translation, many translators always discontinue if the game they are translating receive remake, including with an official translation, I hope you don’t discount the project that I’ve been waiting for years……. by the way about the updates, do you plan to release any patches in the future?

  9. thank you so much for the hard work. of all fate games the ccc is the one i want to play the most.

  10. just gonna be honest it cool to see this old fate game get translated but what happend to persona 2 enteral punishments translation iv been looking about this site/forum for a while (the past hour or so) trying to find any scrap of information from this year about it but nothing i did find a post (from april 2019) saying this translation was on the back burner so that other games which are eaiser to translate could be completed but..seeing these constant stream of updates for CCC its clear it aint on the back bunrer now which begs the question from my mind did you guys finish up ep(or get close to finishing it up?) hence why your full steam ahead with this project now? im sorry if you get asked this alot i just wanted to stream the hell outta persona 2 innocent sin and its 2nd half so iv been sorta waiting for the fans translation to be done so i could stream the hell outta both games in rapid succession so i thought id ask the question either way.

    • CCC has proven easier to complete, ironically, due to the vast amount of talent we’ve accumulated, probably because of how devoted the Type-Moon community is. EP is now on the backburner instead, until such a time that it has the same level of talent and/or commitment involved.

  11. May I have an invite link to the discord? Also I am wondering if the patch for the original Extra is finished yet

  12. Hi! Congratulations on all the amazing work, we all really appreciate what you guys have done!
    I know a lot of people have asked for one, but could you post a new discord invite? I work in games professionally as a VFX artist and have always been interested in seeing the process of more fan style work. Regardless, cheers and good luck with the project!

  13. Thank you so much for your hard work, I can’t wait to see the final product!
    If you are still accepting people could I join the discord server?

  14. I can’t wait for this to be finished!
    If you’re still accepting people could I have the discord link too? 🙂 thx for the hardwork

  15. Hi, Id love to have a discord invite as well. Also I didn’t even know this translation existed up until now (I did know the previous project). Thanks for your dedication!

  16. Helloooo, can you send a discord link, I want to be updated on your worksss, thank you so much

  17. Really apologize for asking it, as it has been asked before quite a few times. Could I get a discord link?

  18. could i get a discord invite as well? thank you for all your hard work! hope you’re doing well 🙂

  19. Im sorry to ask. But i wish to join the discord to keep up with the project and chat with you guys and the people that are cheering you guys and your hard work.

  20. Hi , are there any updates on this fan translation ? thanks for your hard work

    Also , can i get a discord invite ? please ?

  21. Thanks for the amazing work! I learned about Fate/Extra CCC only about a week ago and it immediately caught my attention. Never thought anyone would actually take its translation seriously, you guys are awesome! Also, could I get a Discord link too?

  22. I just wanna say thank you for the good work you’re doing. Can’t wait to get the translated fate extra ccc. Also sorry to be a bother, but can l have an invite link please.

  23. I believe my invite expired curse gmail and their notification system may i have another invite good sir