Progress Updates And Stuff

Due to a few requests for updates…


Okay, several.

Fate/Extra CCC

Organizational phases. @ItsumoKnight is currently laying out the script by chapter to match up with our translation. When you have a project this massive, translating things out of context just won’t do.

I’d say 20% organized. We have translation work going concurrently. Hard to explain. It’s one of those things that when I have something tangible to show, I will. But it is still a thing. Just don’t expect any reliable timeframe just yet.

On the bright side, I did retranslate the OPs to get my feet wet, so have an enjoy. As with my usual song lyric translations, I did my best to match the translation syllables to the JP pronunciation. So sing along! OR DIE. ❀




Sakura Wars

Just got a new scenario update. It’s sitting at somewhere between 40-50% complete, and we have a new organizational method, so expect things to progress faster from here.

You’re not the boss of me.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Waiting on more script extractions. Shop text is largely finished. I’d say it’s at 25%.


In need of a new translator, also mired in bugs. Still on hold. NOT CANCELLED. NEVER. MARK MY WORDS. (Put it in Red, Beato.)

The Silver Case

Officially cancelled. In case you haven’t heard, Playism is officially localizing it, in conjunction with Suda51 himself.

Please give them your support.


See you next time.


42 responses to “Progress Updates And Stuff

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear everything is still under way.

    I’m mostly interested in CCC, but if (when) one of the other projects finishes first, I’ll probably check it out too.

  2. This is disturbing news on Shadowrun after such a long information drought. Has there at least been progress on the SegaCD hacking front? It sounded like translation was the easiest part anyway…

    • The thing is it’s largely uncharted territory. Esper is having a hard time, so we’re focusing on easier(lol) stuff like Devil Children and Sakura Wars. We also only have some of the script translated, and the one who originally STARTED the project is kind of MIA. We were helping them, and now we’re stuck holding the basket, heh.

  3. I have dragged my carcass across the interbutts to offer thanks for translating CCC, and now I return to slumber. To wait.

  4. Hi. Are you a one man person? I know you have a lot of translation requests, but if you need any help, I’d love to help you out.

    I could use the experience.

  5. I’m glad to see that Fate/Extra CCC is still being translated, I’ve been itching to play this game forever. Initially when the project was dropped by the last translators I lost hope in getting to play this game and actually understand the story but I’m glad such an amazing team has picked it up ^w^. I wish you all luck with all of your translation projects~β˜†

  6. What the… The Silver Case officially localized, just like that? On PC? Yahoooo! πŸ˜€
    I thought there was no hope for this game to be in English after the cancelled DS port and the lack of news of your fan translation.
    There’s two things that concern me, though: that the remake art doesn’t transmit that surreal feel from the old one (with Suda51 being on the project, I suppose it’s unlikely) and… well, that the requirements are too high for my laptop, haha.

  7. just had to pop in and say thanks for doing fate ccc and sakura wars ive wanted to play them for a long time. a quick question though do you plan to do all 4 sakura wars games? (as the 5th as done officially) or just the 1st?

  8. I can’t tell you enough how much I(we) appreciate this all shit you guys are doing. Especially Sakura Taisen for me… Do you guys accept donations?

  9. Glad to see the CCC translation still ongoing especially with Extella coming out soon.

    Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

      • I work with multiple people on different things. You’d cry if you knew how many projects EsperKnight has going at once. He always gets them done, and we’re no different. I’ve never cancelled something that hasn’t gotten localized.

  10. Thank you very much for translating CCC! I thought I will never be able to play it.

    How is the progress for CCC? Extella is coming out soon and if possible I want to play CCC first before it.

  11. Hey! Thanks so much for even considering translating CCC, much less taking on the task! I’m curious, will it all be released at once (like the entire game translated or just one route at a time, etc)?

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